Finding the right home and office security system is an important part of protecting valuable property and preventing other potential home and business related crimes. There is a risk of property related crime regardless of where your business or home is located, and a crime can happen in both day or night. Unfortunately, once you become a victim or burglary, your chances increase that you will become a victim a second time. In fact, approximately 1 million of the 3.7 million home invasion crimes involved someone being present at home or in the business. Prevention is one of the most effective weapons in the fight to prevent property crimes.

The DOJ reported 1 million burglaries occurred with people in the home. 27% of them became a victim of a violent crime.

There are many reasons to have a home and office security system in place. A few of the top reasons include?

  • Prevention of property loss
  • Increased safety for family members and employees
  • Lower insurance premiums

Fortress S02-A Wireless Home And Business Security System

The Fortress S02-A security system is a portable security system that also offers economy. The security system is backed by a 3-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This particular system doesn’t require you to sign a contract and is free from extra monthly charges. It is also easy to install and come complete and ready to install. It has everything you need to protect up to 5 window or door areas. It also has 2 separate motion detectors to alert you to an intruder.

Thustar Wireless Home And Office Remote Control Security System

The Thustar Professional Wireless Home Intelligent Security System gives you plenty of features and the convenience of an easy self-installation. This product comes with an outdoor siren, LED display, voice prompt, and intelligent remote control. It is economical and efficient. This option also offers network support and an emergency button that is handy for the elderly and children during a break in.

Simplisafe Home and Office Security Systems

One of the great features of Simplisafe products is your ability to customize them to fit size requirements for both your home or your office. They also price their products affordably so you can get more security for your money. They have a few different options when it comes to protection, and most notably the control panel and equipment is resistant to damage and will notify the police even if it is damaged by intruders.

ADT Home Security

ADT has become a widely known name in the home and office security market. They have products that offer around the clock monitoring and protection. There are plenty of features on the available systems which can prove to be handy for both home and business owners wanting extra technology and convenient features. They offer a few different options that are available by contract and carry a monthly subscription fee.

Protect America

Protect America has a variety of customizable products and services for home and office. They can help you create the perfect security system for your needs. They offer round the clock monitoring and exceptional customer service. One of the most attractive points is that you can get their security systems and services without a contract or monthly fees.

Don’t wait for a crime to happen at your home or office to get a security system. Homes and businesses without a security system are 300x more likely to be a target of a break-in is a trusted security services provider that can give you the products you need and the service you want without breaking the bank. Call to speak with a helpful representative today, who can answer your question and give you solutions that make sense. You can also visit the website to get your free quote. If you are serious about protecting your property, family, and employees then you should consider installing a high-quality Protect America security system today.