Home security alarm system reviews help consumers locate the best alarm system for their home security needs. Due to the nature of home security systems, reliable reviews are often difficult to find. The easiest place to find alarm system reviews would be third-party shopping sites but this information is rarely verified.

Home Security Reviews

When researching a potential home security purchase, it’s important to distinguish between reviews for products and services. Home security products reviews will focus entirely on equipment, such as control panels and security sensors. These types of reviews will discuss quality and ease-of-use with a general emphasis on features and price. With hundreds of manufacturers of home security systems, finding a decent review on a specific system can be complicated.

Reviews for home security services, such as alarm monitoring or interactive access, are different in that they are based on the quality of the home security company providing the service. Potential customers can find a large number of home security reviews at sites like Angie’s List and Yelp. However, consumer productions publications, like Consumer Reports, do not offer home security reviews.

Alarm System Reviews

Alarm system reviews don’t vary significantly than those for home security systems. Most sites use alarm system and home security system as interchangeable terms. The primary difference, from a technical standpoint, is that home security systems encompass a broader range of equipment and services, like interactive home surveillance cameras. Proper use of the term alarm system should refer only to systems that make noise or contact a monitoring center when activated.

Protect America Home Security Alarm System Reviews

As one of the nation’s leading wireless home security companies, Protect America has a number of positive home security alarm system reviews. Customers especially enjoy Protect America’s affordability and commitment to quality. The Replacement Parts Guarantee means that anytime a part breaks, the company replaces it. Others have noticed Protect America’s dedication to higher level customer service. Protect America has been named the number one home security company in the nation for the past 5 years by Top Consumer Reviews.