The US alone reports nearly 8 million property crimes annually, with more than 2.5 million of the crimes deemed as burglaries. Protecting your home and family is essential regardless of where you live. With the influx of new home security systems and DIY solutions, knowing which option is right for you is a must. DIY home security cameras and applications such as Wardencam allow you to install and manage your home’s system individually and how you see fit.


Before choosing whether a DIY home security system or a monitored home security service is right for you, learn more about your options to determine the best course of action for your household and loved ones.

Did you know that your home is 300% more likely to become a target of burglars or vandals when you do not have a home security system in place?

What is Wardencam?

Wardencam is a home security solution that works with old iOS and Android devices, allowing you to create a home security system that is customizable for your home. Using old smartphone devices, quickly implement Wardencam to capture audio and video media from any location inside of your home. Automatically gain access to cloud-recorded videos using Google Drive or Dropbox with no additional charges for each recording.

With Wardencam, enjoy 24/7 remote access to view live streams while also taking advantages of free cloud storage. Wardencam also offers motion detection features and automatic alerts that can be synced with your smartphone from any location. Additionally, it is possible to implement two-way talking through each of your Wardencam devices, allowing you to communicate with other household members and visitors with just one button.

Benefits and Features of Wardencam

Wardencam offers a number of benefits as a DIY security solution including:

  • Accessible on both iOS and Android smartphone devices
  • Easy installation and setup
  • No monthly fees to implement the Wardencam security system

Monitored Home Security Solutions

While DIY home security cameras and applications are appealing to save money and to build a security system that is entirely customizable, opting for a monitored home security solution provides 24/7 monitoring. When you are out of your home or asleep while a crime is being committed on your property or inside of your home, you are solely responsible for reporting activity to local authorities and emergency responders when utilizing a DIY home security solution.


Working with a monitored home security solution is ideal when you want to ensure the safety and protection of your family even when you are out of town or simply traveling for work. Monitored home security setups send immediate alerts to customers while contacting the appropriate authorities whether your property is on fire or has just been broken into by local criminals. Rest easy and gain peace of mind with the support of a monitored home security provider you can count on.

Protect America is the country’s 14th largest home security provider, offering 24/7 monitoring services and the ability to choose a DIY method of installation or professional installation at no added cost to you. When you want to maximize the protection and monitoring of your home receives each day, Protect America is one solution you can trust and rely on. Avoid traditional installation and equipment fees (up to $1400) when choosing a plan from Protect America.

Are you looking to take the leap with a new home security provider that delivers and protects at all times? Contact Protect America to learn more about our equipment and plans while getting yourself a free quote for your household today.