Choosing a local company for home security monitoring means conducting some research on the options, prices, and reputation of the companies that offer services in your area. Your first step in finding the best home security company for your needs is creating a personal list of needs for your lifestyle and home.

In major metropolitan areas, you may have your choice of dozens of security companies, and weeding through the less reputable outfits and the highly-regarded companies can take some time. However, the investment of time will be well worth it when you find a company that offers excellent protection, friendly customer service, and a wide array of security options at an affordable price.

Here are the most important factors to consider when researching your future security company, as well as the steps you may wish to take when conducting your research.


Consider These Features for Your Selection of a Home Security System

Your home security system may feature devices like motion detectors, HD wireless video camera feeds, monitored smoke detection, and different home automation options. You may not need every option offered by your chosen home security company, but it’s wise to explore all of the available options for each company you contact.

Here are a few common features available in modern home security systems:

  • Control panel
  • Motion detectors
  • Window sensors
  • HD wireless video cameras
  • Home automation
  • Yard signs and window stickers

After exploring the available features of a home security system, you’ll want to learn about the different plans available. From simple plans that feature a proximity alarm and monthly monitoring to comprehensive systems that offer smart home additions, your home security system can vary significantly.

The addition of home automation can also create a much more dynamic home security experience. For example, today’s live video surveillance often features a live HD feed, night vision capability, and two-way audio, so you can keep a look on your home whether you’re sitting in your living room or visiting your in-laws three states away.

Explore the Reputation of Your Local Home Security Company

Your security company has a significant responsibility in keeping you, your family, your possessions, and your home safe. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), one of the most important factors in finding a worthwhile security company is whether they’re properly licensed.

“Find out if they are properly licensed in your jurisdiction and ask if the company runs a criminal background check on employees prior to hiring. You can also look up companies on the websites of the Electronic Security Association and the Canadian Security Association to make sure they have pledged to uphold industry standards.”

In addition to licensure, it’s also important to make sure the home security company has a physical address and isn’t simply run out of a post office box with a “fly by night” mentality. Your home security company must respond quickly when and if they detect a security or safety issue at your home, and they can’t accomplish that from a post office box.

It’s also important to find a home security company that won’t use high-pressure sales tactics to convince you to buy a particular system. You should also avoid working with companies that call you with unsolicited offers for security systems. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) actually sued a company that made millions of unsolicited “robocalls” to people in an attempt to pitch them home security systems.

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Here’s How to Conduct Your Search for a Great Home Security Company

Ask friends about their experiences and which company they use. Not only can your friends make recommendations for the security companies they love, but they can also offer advice on the companies that didn’t perform up to expectations.

Conduct an internet search of local security companies. Using the information you gathered from your friends, visit the websites of your local security companies to see which businesses offer the options you want such as home automation and monthly monitoring.

Visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for further info on company reputation. A good rating from the BBB can help you avoid companies that offer poor customer service or don’t provide services as advertised.

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