Home security products don’t make it into Consumer Reports. There are a few consumer products publications that offer comprehensive reviews of home security. However, the most common home security reviews will be available on shopping websites, like Google Shopping. Finding reviews of home security monitoring service can be a little more complicated and will be limited to specific products publications.

Consumer Reports Home Security Reviews

While Consumer Reports is widely recognized as one of the most reputable products reviewers in the industry, the publication does not cover home security products and services. Consumer Reports has a set of standards for reviewing products that don’t work very well with the set up of most home security companies. Most home security products require some type of support monitoring service that has a substantial impact on operation and quality of performance.

Best Home Security Reviews

The best home security reviews are provided by product review websites. One such website, TopConsumerReviews.com, has named Protect America the number one home security company in the U.S. for the last five years. TopConsumerReviews.com gave Protect America their highest ranking based on customer service quality and reliable products that live up to marketing claims. Protect America’s security systems have also received the highest praise from Consumers Digest, which named the company’s Copper Package a ‘Best Buy’ for price and quality.

Find the Best Home Alarm System

Customers looking for an alarm system for their home will have to consider the specific security needs they have to address. Houses with limited numbers of doors and windows might want to supplement their security with smoke detectors or an interactive security camera. Residences located in higher income areas with lower crime rates might consider placing sensors on all their doors and windows but additional precautions may not be necessary. Monitored smoke detectors, however, are never a bad thing.