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In recent years, drones have gained a bad reputation. They have been known for spying on people against their will or deviant behavior. Plus, the devices can be quite annoying with their noise and flying around aimlessly. But, what if drones can be used to protect the home? Companies are trying hard to change the reputation of drones. If they can be successful, more and more intruders can be stopped before they reach the front door. Drones can be used outside and inside of the home. Even the founder of Sunflower Home Awareness System, Alex Pachikov, boldly suggests,

The idea of a security camera that doesn’t fly will seem like the dark ages.

But what are the benefits of a drone for the first line of security? How are they a thing? Why are they a thing? Protect America took the time to investigate the use of drones for home security. After some research, they came across three benefits to having a drone as part of your home security.

  • Covers more ground
  • Easy to operate
  • Many uses

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    Covers More Ground

    The average security camera stays in one place. If a home own wants to cover more ground, they would have to set up more cameras around the place. That alone would take up so much time and money. Plus, security cameras can only cover the entries of a building. The key to a drone being more effective is in its ability to fly. The company, Sunflower Labs, are using this to their advantage. They sell their drones on the promise of being able to cover more ground easily. CNN adds that the company’s drones, along with outdoor smart lights, detects motion, vibration and sound. Because of this, the devices can tell the difference between human, animal, and cars. An army of security cameras cannot pull this off. Plus, drones can have different types of cameras on them.

    Another brand of drone has both a 3D camera and a 4K camera with night vision, along with IMU sensors, NVIDIA Tegra supercomputer processor and an ARM-based Flight Controller. Now, the home owner can buy as many drones as they need. But, they can capture more ground due to the device not being attached down to one place. As a result, property has a greater chance of staying safer. The only drawback of having an indoor drone is to make sure that it does not end up in collisions with walls, ceilings and furniture.

    Easy to Operate

    Some people are not tech savvy. Cameras and whole security systems can sometimes take a professional to come along and set everything up properly. Plus, there is the maintenance of the system itself. A drone just requires batteries and a remote to operate. Of course, there is the camera to take into account. But beside that, a drone can pretty much be operated by a child. The elderly will have no trouble with operating the remote to the drone themselves. Plus, drones can also be controlled via WiFi. The drone from Sunflower Labs has only four parts to it: differential GPS for precise navigation around your property, advanced autopilot for autonomous flight—no pilot skills necessary, gimbaled high-res low-light camera, and downward-facing camera for stabilization.

    Home owners can sign up on the website for updates. There is a beta program as an added bonus. Sometimes, there can be false alarms with systems and people struggle to fix them. With drones, they can be sent out to investigate before the police are called. The only things that will be needed to taken camera of are the remote and the batteries.


    Many Uses

    Drones are mostly used for cameras. But, they also have other uses as well. When it comes to technology, humans have gotten quite creative with it and have found many uses for it. Some people have taken the liberty of delivering things to others via drone. They can even be used to communicate different messages as well. Drones can even be connected to smart phones. As technology grows and evolves, more people will find add updates to the drones and invent new uses for them.

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