Home Security IP cameras are essentially wireless network cameras powered with a WiFi signal to work. These cameras are the newest trend in modern home security solutions from the industry. The reason why they are becoming popular with both consumers and the industry itself is the trend that is moving toward something called IoT, which aims to connect all the electronic devices to the Internet or go completely wireless. This is actually something that consumers themselves are demanding more of for their own convenience.


It has spread into the realm of home security products as well. IoT stands for Internet of Things. Do you want to learn more? Continue reading. Otherwise, if you need help with any type of DIY security solution for your home, try calling the experts at Protect America to get started with some quality professional help.

We live in a world that has walls and those walls need to be guarded by men with guns. – Aaron Sorkin

What’s Available? 

There are all sorts of products available for IP cameras for home security. IP cameras are available from many different manufacturers and more are being introduced into the market for home security solutions all the time. It is honestly hard to keep up with! That is why Protect America professionals are available to assist people in DIY solutions. We spend our time getting to know as much as possible about this industry, the products that are available and how they are used and configured in homes across the United States.

Companies like Alfawise, Xaomi, Nest, Revo, Ring, Q-SEE, Oso, Wanscam, Netgear, EZViz and many others are included in an exhaustive list of companies that make these kinds of cameras for home security and surveillance purposes. You can find them in a variety of retailers online. Even the Home Depot sells IP home security cameras in its expanding line of products for that niche.

DIY Installation Options

There are a number of ways that IP cameras for home or residential security can be configured or implemented. DIY stands for do it yourself. If you are thinking about buying an IP camera for self installation, you should consider what you are getting yourself into. Many of these cameras are very advanced and thus require advanced installation techniques to setup for home security and surveillance.


If the software or hardware is too complicated to configure by yourself, then you should consider consulting with expert professionals in this field of expertise, such as those working with Protect America. Sometimes the installation and configuration process can be simple, but it all honestly just depends on your own personal level of tech savvy and mechanical aptitude. This is why the security installation business is worth billions annually, because there is a need for experienced and knowledgable installers and tech support for these products.

What are the Best Options for My Situation?

The truth about the above question is not so simple as the question itself. You will need to know your own home situation and security needs. What are you attempting to monitor? Is it simple home monitoring to protect your family and valuables from intruders? Do you want to monitor the activity of your pets or elderly people in the home? Do you need motion activation or other types of sensors? What about fires?

IP cameras are not all the same and their level of sophistication can be hard for anyone to understand. It is imperative that they are setup securely too. You don’t want them to be hacked. If you need assistance, there are qualified professionals available to help you get through this the DIY way. Call us to learn more. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.