There used to be a time when a homeowner would be considered paranoid if they took time to purchase a home security monitoring service for their property. Thanks to the continual advancements in the world of technology, home security is affordable and potent enough that every property owner should be considering getting one. Just looking at national crime statistics can show that there are serious implications for homeowners that opt to not pursue a home security system. With that being said, finding the right security monitoring service can be tough thanks to the prevalence of selections. Today, let us focus on narrowing down our hunt to the top five security monitoring services in the world for 2018.

Home Security Monitoring Services: Trends To Look For in 2018.

Before diving into the top home security options for 2018, it can be helpful to take a step back and seriously analyze some of the trends that are shaping up for 2018. There are constant updates and evolutionary approaches to the home security monitoring system and that means consumers need to be more plugged in than ever in order to take advantage of them.

Thanks to the quality of several network options, customers have a range of choices to take advantage of when it comes to setting up their home security system. From Bluetooth and Wiress to Zigbee and Z-Wave, there are options abound.

Home security systems are getting smaller and more proficient than ever and that, in turn, is making them more affordable for the regular consumer. As we pointed out above, several new networking advancements have put homeowners into possession of powerful, flexible and affordable home security systems. Here are a few techno-trends to pay attention to that have benefited from modern advancements in the field:

  • Smart Technology – Thanks to the Internet of Things we are looking at homes that are more and more interconnected with the internet and home security. Smart monitoring devices are the first line of defense against the modern burglar.
  • Z-Wave Networking – Z-Wave networks operate at a different frequency than most other technological devices, thus making them more efficient and easier to use.
  • All-In-One Security Systems – Don’t choose between adding cameras or opting for monitored service, get it all with new all-in-one security systems.

These are just a few of the biggest trends rocking the home security market in 2018. With the way that technology works, there are definitely going to be more big changes coming in the future.

5 Home Security Monitoring Services To Consider.

Now that we’ve taken time to analyze a few key trends, we can push forward to five of the top home security monitoring services of 2018. These choices are not ranked in any particular order. These security monitoring systems were chosen for a variety of different reasons, and some consumers might find one better than the others.

  • Protect America – Free estimates, diverse technology, applicable with every major network.
  • Vivint – Flexible packages available at decent rates.
  • ADT –  One of the oldest home security companies in the industry.
  • Frontpoint – DIY system set up can save money when first installing the system.
  • Armorax – Affordable alternative to some of the bigger names in the industry.

Each of the selections listed above brings on their own range of benefits and options for consumers looking to add a home security monitoring service to their home. We’ve highlighted some of their primary benefits but interested parties are implored to reach out to the respective company that has their attention in order to acquire more information.

The Final Choice in Home Security.

As can be seen from the information provided above, there are countless different ways for property owners to direct their attention when in pursuit of a home security monitoring system. No matter what direction they choose to go, homeowners are suggested to really dig in and do their research. No two houses are identical and that means that a home security system needs to be carefully calibrated before being bought and paid for. While the five options selected above are doubtless to be effective in most situations, it is advisable to reach out for a meeting with a consultant from a company like Protect America. Knowledge is power but the power of a home security monitoring system trumps it all.