Every homeowner is keen on securing their family and property. Some people purchase homeowners insurance and think it’s enough. While others install various security hardware in their houses to keep it more secure. Besides, they also follow specific personal security practices including hiding extra keys and activating alarms. Keep on reading to learn what a home security system entails, various packages and the advantages of installing a monitored home security system in your house.

“Safety happens between your hears not on your hand.” — Jeff Coopers


Elements of an Efficient Home Security System

The home automation industry has been evolving step by step. Smart technology allows one to control their alarm system remotely. An ideal system has the following elements;

  • Control panel: It is the central part of an intelligent network. The control panel interlinks all the other home security components
  • Remote access: Incorporating home automation into your security system enables you to monitor your alarm system from any location. Besides, you can also regulate the temperature by connecting the system to a digital thermostat.
  • Remote monitoring: Many modern home security systems allow one to live stream video. Also, they enable them to get alerts whenever someone opens a door or activates the motion detector.
  • Environmental controls: The controls monitor your home’s overall health. The sensors include carbon monoxide and smart smoke detectors. However, you can add extra sensors to inform you about air quality.
  • Intelligent accessories: Some elements of a security system aren’t part of your home protection; therefore, you should check out for home automation products including appliances, locks, and thermostats that you can integrate into your security system.

5 Top Home Security Packages for 2018

1.  Protect America

Protect America has 3 package tiers, Copper, Silver, and Platinum, all of which come with a lifetime equipment guarantee. Upgrading to the Silver or Platinum packages will give you more equipment, but every package will include professional monitoring, disaster protection, smart home services and a control panel. They also have a 14 day return period in case you aren’t satisfied with your equipment. You also have the option to upgrade any package with HD video, smart locks, smart lighting and much more.

2.    ADT

ADT’s communication ensures that your home security is active throughout. If a client monitoring center is faulty, the system transfers your home security to a different center. It has an ADT Pulse package that offers a distinct If This Then That (IFTTT) technology which enables you to control your home’s illumination, security system, and temperature. It gives clients a Theft Protection Guarantee.

3.    Vivint

The smart home system combines home automation and home security. It contains unique voice control features that allow you to perform various tasks. Vivint’s installation and monitoring fees are slightly expensive. It enables you to outrightly procure the equipment thereby eliminating extra charges in your monthly bills. It is the most advanced system in this home security checklist. Moreover, its mobile applications have a high client rating.

One of its unique features is the system’s quality energy management. It helps you make significant energy savings as you can automate the lights and your home’s thermostat. Also, the equipment has a 120-day warranty.

4.    Frontpoint

Frontpoint has a proper DIY installation, therefore, having the edge over its competitors. The Better Business Bureau gave it an “A rating” due to its pleasant client experience. The security firm offers customers a thirty days’ free trial before making up their mind about it.

5.    Link Interactive

The Link Interactive’s Gold package provides a variety of benefits except live streaming and video monitoring. Also, it offers you a long-term contract of over 36 months. The system has high early termination and monitoring expenses.

Link Interactive has efficient equipment with mobile apps fit for Android users. Moreover, it offers over forty sensors including carbon monoxide and fire alarms. Furthermore, the system requires Z-Wave enabled tools to enable you to automate your home’s light and temperature.

6.    Nest Secure

Nest Secure offers innovative and self-monitored home security. Also, you can add extra products such as a camera and a thermostat to improve your home’s safety. However, it may cost you an arm and a leg. Nest’s starter pack costs about $500 without the security cameras. Moreover, it has sensitive sensors.

  • Importance of Monitored Home Security over Non-monitored Security Technology
  • A certified security technician usually installs the equipment hence increasing its effectiveness.
  • Whenever you contract a genuine alarm dealer, they typically provide you with free installation.
  • In monitored home security, professionals guard your property all day thereby making it ideal for emergency operations.
  • Most home insurance firms prefer monitored security hence offering policy discounts on a property with such systems.

Are you interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America. We are among the most significant American home security firms, and we strive to provide clients with quality home security. Moreover, we deliver the systems to customers and guide them through their installation. Call us to book an appointment.