When a home does not have a security system installed and in place, it is 300% more likely to become a target of burglars. With more than 7.9 million reported property crimes in 2016 throughout the US alone, it is no surprise that the home security industry continues to boom.


Types of Home Security Products

If you are interested in improving the level of security you have throughout your home, learning more about today’s top security products and monitoring equipment is a must. Whether you want to protect your home’s interior, exterior, or all angles of your property, some of the most popular home security products on the market include:

  • Security cameras: Security cameras are available with motion detection and night vision features while also implementing CCTV technology. Using CCTV security camera equipment is optimal if you want to record at all times or if you prefer viewing a live feed of any location in and outside of your home.
  • Motion detectors: Motion detectors are ideal to place in various rooms throughout your home or even at locations on your property that should be vacant and without trespassers at all times. When a motion detector detects movement and other forms of motion, receive an immediate alert to your smartphone (if you are using home automation with your security system) or an alarm on your home’s central access control panel.
  • Window and door sensors: Use window and door sensors to keep burglars and potential vandals from accessing your home regardless of the location on your property. Receive immediate alerts and alarms whenever a window or door sensor has been breached or triggered.
  • Key FOBs: Key FOBs are ideal for those who prefer to access their home from various points of entry and without always using the central access control panel in order to arm and disarm their alarm.
  • Home automation: Home automation is one of the most in-demand features in today’s home security industry. Home automation features and functionality allows you to access and monitor your home’s security system from any location with the use of a computer or your smartphone. Watch live video feeds directly from your smartphone in conjunction with your CCTV security cameras. Control your home’s alarm system, various sensors, lighting, and even appliances from afar when you choose to implement home automation technology into your home security system.

Wired Vs. Wireless Home Security

Choosing between wired and wireless home security greatly depends on the type of system and setup you prefer as well as your budget. In many cases today, a wired home security system often costs more than wireless equipment as it requires more drilling and various lines in order to work properly.

Contract vs. No Contract

When you are searching for a home security company for your home, it is important to remember that many top home security providers on the market require customers to sign a contract. The typical length of a contract with home security companies ranges from three to five years depending on the package you are interested in and the provider you have selected.


Reviews and Testimonials

Research and compare today’s top home security providers to determine which company is right for you and your household’s security needs. Check reviews to seek out a home security company with a positive customer service reputation and a provider which does not surprise customers with hidden and unexpected fees or charges throughout their billing cycles.

Are you interested in top-notch home security products with a home security provider you can trust? Do you prefer skipping installation fees but want 24/7 home security monitoring? Contact Protect America to speak with a professional security representative to learn more about our equipment and to create a plan that is just right for you today!