Each year security companies host promotions and deals to attract new customers. Some of these promotions do offer value, but others may come off more like a gift for opting into a terrible service. With that said, it’s important for people and businesses looking for home security systems to avoid choosing a poor system because of a good promotion. Here is a look at five home security promotions for 2018.


1. Free Monitoring Devices and Apps

Many security companies are offering free monitoring devices and apps with their services. The monitoring device can be a something like a dedicated mobile device that frees up the user’s smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, the company may offer an application that facilitates monitoring. When used in conjunction with a security system, these devices or apps can make life a whole lot easier.

Of course, if someone does their own security monitoring, they’re doing it wrong. Home automation has made home security monitoring easier, but having a professional monitoring service makes it all better. This means if an event ever occurs in your home, real-life police and emergency officials will respond, unlike unmonitored systems where response depends on you receiving and reacting to push alert notifications.

2. Free Installation and Activation

Free installation and activation is a hallmark of most home security promotions. With home security systems, there is self-installation and professional installation. Free installation can often refer to either of these options, so it’s best to make sure you understand what the security company means.

For many people, a guided self-install is far faster and more beneficial. For businesses and some others, a professional install is necessary. Many home security services will offer the guided self-install for free and the professional install at a price.

3. Variable Contract Lengths, or No Contract

People don’t like to feel locked into something. To that end, many home security companies offer contracts that are more flexible or even no contract at all to reel in the customers. What many people don’t often consider is that sometimes a contract can help a great deal.

For example, some home security companies offer a rate lock during the life of the contract as a promotion. That means someone can lock down a very good rate that won’t change even if the company changes its rates later on. Depending on the needs of the person, a contract promotion can help make the decision to choose one company or another that much easier.

4. Trials and Refunds

Trial offers can help a person or business evaluate home security options without any, or very little, monetary risk. The ability to use a system for a month or so without having to pay for it is a great promotion for people on the fence about a home security offering.

Buyers should beware of any company that doesn’t offer a reasonable refund policy. In 2018, it’s important to seek out refund policies that also include shipping costs. Since more people order security systems online, shipping and packaging refunds can represent a promotion.


5. Free or Reduced Price Components

Much like the aforementioned dedicated monitoring device, many home security promotions include things like cameras, sensors, and various other security devices. Some companies offer a free item, while some others include drastic price cuts on their offerings with a new installation.

These items can include:

  • An extra monitoring device
  • An indoor camera
  • An outside camera
  • An extra sensor
  • An upgraded control panel

A robust home security system typically doesn’t need anything extra. Nevertheless, some items can add some flexibility and added value to a home’s security features.

Other Promotions and Things to Watch Out For

Promotions can change by the week or by the season. The things mentioned here aren’t everything home security companies offer. People who find a good promotion or nice promotional price shouldn’t hesitate. True, something better may come at some point. But, while someone waits for a Black Friday or summer promotion, they’re leaving a home or business unprotected and unmonitored.

The professionals at Protect America often run promotions. However, the home security plans and options offered by Protect America are top-of-the-line all year round. To learn more about their promotions and deals on monitored home security, contact Protect America today for a free quote.