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After the home owner decides to purchase a home security system, they need to know which one they need. Before they do that, there has to be some homework done. What that means is to go online and look at all of the features and prices from each home security company. Another aspect of “doing homework” before shopping is looking at the reviews of other customers. What are other home owners saying about companies like Protect America? Is the feedback positive or negative? How can somebody be sure that the reviewers are not trolling for attention? The best way to do research is going to legitimate review sites. Here is a short list of the best places for reviews:


Consumer Affairs

This site have buyers guides and consumer news. When the home owner-to-be clicks on the link to “Home Alarm and Security Systems,” Alarm & Security Systems Contributing Editor, Erin Raub offers helpful advice on shopping for the right home security system,

Before shopping for a home security system, you have to decide what level of protection you need. Do you want to set up a few security cameras to capture activity while you’re away from home? Or do you need a professionally monitored home alarm system that will alert the authorities in the event of a break-in?

From there, there are useful sections from compare brands to safest cities. Each home security company has a large number of reviews and information about them. Each reviewer is verified and give a number of stars. The companies themselves can reply back to the reviews and use the feedback to improve their performance. The home owner-to-be can decide if they find the review helpful or not.

Consumer Reports

This site not only has reviews,  they also test products for themselves. Everything goes through all of their tests. Each product on the site is given an overview, rating, user reviews, and the price and location to shop for said product. Their home security systems page talks about door locks and offers news about home and garden. Their latest articles is entitled, “5 Door Locks That Will Keep You Safe and 5 That Won’t”. The author, Daniel Wroclawski, gave the worst five and then gives the best. Another article is entitled, “Want to Install Your Own Home Security System? Here Are the Options You’ll See Soon”. Wroclawski basically touched about predictions for the smart home. The only drawback to Consumer Reports in general is that people have to sign up to see the ratings of a product.


HomeAdvisor is like Craigslist for homes. Everyone can find all sort of services for good prices on the site. The home owner-to-be can look up reviews for home security services in their local area. They just need to go to the review section and type in “home security services” and put in their zip codes. Each page on a service has a profile on the company, service area, services offered, website, areas of expertise, quick facts, credentials, and business overview. HomeAdvisor screens each one with care. Reviewers can rate a company by quality, customer service, and value for money. The total number of reviews will determine the overall rating of each service. The home owner-to-be can decide if they find the review helpful or not.



Everyone can find almost anything on Amazon. They sell more the products of the companies on their site. But still, home owners-to-be can look at the reviews of each product. Amazon gives full details on the products and the prices. All of the reviews have to be verified purchases to make it fairer. The total number of reviews will determine the overall rating of each product. Top reviews are always the first thing seen in the review section. The home owner-to-be would have to click “see all (insert number) of reviews” to read all of the reviews. There is each a section for people to ask questions about a section product. Of course, these questions will be answered by other users on Amazon.

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