Home security reviews are testimonials and commentary provided by customers and experts about security accessories and service. The most commonly available reviews for home security are found on third-party review sites. Experts do offer their opinions but tend to do so through their official websites or established media outlets.

Consumer Reports Home Security Reviews

One of the most trusted traditional outlets for reviews of a variety of products is Consumer Reports. Due to the nature of the home security industry, Consumer Reports doesn’t offer reviews for alarm systems or home security companies. Consumers in need of quality home security reviews will be left to use third-party websites that aggregate opinions from real customers. Be wary of reviews on third-party reviews sites because there’s no verification process to ensure a given reviewer was actually a customer. A few less than scrupulous companies pay people to post positive reviews.

Best Home Security Reviews

To find the best home security reviews, use one of the few reputable consumer ratings outlets that cover the security industry. One website, TopConsumerReviews.com, has rated a number of national security companies, including Protect America. For the past five years, TopConsumerReviews.com has given Protect America a 5-star rating. According to TopConsumerReviews.com, Protect America is the best home security company in the United States.

Security System Reviews

Finding reviews specifically for security systems can be really difficult. Reviews for security systems would not be particularly useful if you’re research home security companies. Most security companies use a limited number of alarm system models (many companies only offer one model of security system). However, a few reviews do concentrate on specifically on alarm system models, especially when listed on shopping sites, like Google and Amazon. These reviews will often concentrate on price, durability, and features. Customers can often rate home security systems based on a 5-star rating system. One of the best reviewed alarm systems is the Simon XT, produced by American electronics manufacturer, GE.