Installing a home security system is essential to gain peace of mind whenever you are not actively watching your home’s entrances or even when you spend time out of town. More than 2.5 million burglaries are reported in the US annually to the FBI, which is why millions of Americans are now implementing their own security systems.

When you begin shopping for a home security system at a store near you, there are a few tips to keep in mind before making a purchase and investing your money. The more familiar you are with all of your home security options, the easier it is to make a decision you feel confident in when moving forward.

Homes that do not have an active security system in place are 300% more likely to become the target of criminals and burglars.

DIY Home Security Cameras, Equipment, and Accessories

Visit a local home security store near you to learn more about the types of cameras, motion detectors, and other sensors available to purchase independently for a DIY home security setup. When you want to learn more about implementing your own DIY home security system, research brands, compatibility, and features to determine the best investment and the easiest to work with (based on your own technical skills and knowledge).


When you choose to install a home security system on your own, it is important to keep in mind that you are the only individual responsible for monitoring your cameras and recordings. Whenever a crime is attempted or committed, you are the only one responsible for reporting it to the proper authorities in order to take further action.

Home Security Equipment That Require Smartphones

Home security systems and equipment that require smartphones are ideal for those who are traveling often or are on-the-go for work most days. Using home security equipment that works in conjunction with an Android or iOS smartphone allows you to instantly access live video feeds from security cameras and systems you have installed throughout your home with a touch of a button. Additionally, motion detection devices along with sensors trigger automatic video recordings with sound that are immediately saved to “the cloud” and accessible in your app’s library.

One downfall of utilizing home security equipment that requires smartphones is that you are not provided with 24/7 monitoring and protection, which can leave you feeling helpless when you need to contact authorities during an attempted or completed break-in far away from home.

Monitored Home Security Cameras and Systems

Using a monitored home security camera and system is a way to gain peace of mind by having the support and assistance of professionals to alert authorities and emergency responders whenever you are in need or your alarm has been triggered. Monitored home security systems and cameras are useful for automatic recording with set alarm triggers in place, allowing you to leave your home without requiring you to constantly monitor your DIY or smartphone-enabled system yourself at all times.


Some of the benefits of opting for a monitored and managed home security system service include:

  • 24/7 monitoring and instant alerts whenever your alarm system has been triggered
  • Immediate communication with the appropriate local emergency responders (including firefighters and police officers)
  • The ability to implement fire, motion detection, burglary, and even carbon monoxide alarms to be monitored into your system

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