The Home Security Store is a consumer electronics company specializing in do-it-yourself home security and home automation products. Founded in 1995, it is based in RiversideCalifornia. According to Home Security Store, all of the company’s products can be installed and operated by consumers. Home Security Store is good at selling products and promoting DIY security. However, they lack customer support, affordability, and overall long-term commitment. 


Warranty Information

The Home Security Store provides a limited warranty on the products they sell. 3-12 months of warranty on security devices is a very short amount of time considering what you probably paid for them. Some of the brand new products that Home Security Store sells don’t have any warranty whatsoever. So let’s say you drop $500 on a home security system with automation and all the bells and whistles. What happens when your system crashes in the 13th month of your contract? You’ll be out of a large sum and left vulnerable. Instead, try a home security company that is invested in your long term safety. Protect America provides a lifetime warranty on all of our products.

Monitoring and Equipment

The Home Security Store has very competitive pricing when it comes to providing professional monthly monitoring. They monitor devices through Alarm Relay. A quick search on the Internet will show you that the reviews for Alarm Relay are all over the place. They cover a wide range of topics including poor response times and customer service. The pricing for monitoring through Alarm Relay runs at about $10 a month, which is much less than most professional home security companies. However, Home Security Store makes up for the low prices by charging you an arm and a leg for equipment. 


The Home Security Store is an a la carte menu for those who wish to purchase home security. Their model gives the illusion that your total cost will be less than if you choose a professional home security company. This is not the case. A lower monitoring fee often indicates higher up-front costs. Since Home Security Store is completely DIY security, there are no installation fees associated with purchasing their items. However, you won’t be able to find an alarm system for under $100. Some of the wireless alarms they sell can cost you over $1000 in equipment alone. Then when you start adding in the cost of monthly monitoring, it won’t seem like such a deal.

Protect America provides free equipment with purchase of monthly monitoring. Monitoring at Protect America starts at $19.99 a month and comes with a lifetime warranty. For just $10 more a month, you can have the peace of mind that a professional home security company can provide while also knowing that your products are under warranty for life.


Real Customer Reviews

There is a high volume of mixed reviews on the world wide web regarding Home Security Store. Customers are unsatisfied with the customer service and warranty policy that this company provides. Many have reported not being able to claim a warranty or return a defective item. This consumer wrote:

They have NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT AT ALL. They refuse to answer the phone and if you have a problem with a device that is under their alleged 1 year warranty, you will never get an exchange or a refund. They try everything in the book to refuse warrantying and item.

And another customer agreed that:

You will end up spending more than working through a professional service.

For a better experience, consider Protect America. Protect America delivers the reliability of a professional monitoring while still maintaining the simplicity and affordability of a DIY security system.