Home Security superstores are places where you can buy residential security products like cameras, DVRs, monitoring equipment, panels, smart home security products, cabling and other related products. There are many different brands of varying quality and price, from cheap to premium, that are carried in these stores. Some of the brands in that list includes Samsung, Ring, Defender, Night Owl, Swann, Nest and many others.



These big box retail stores are nationwide chains whose corporations maintain rock solid relationships with various manufacturers and wholesalers around the world. They also offer these products on their websites, which total to billions in sales every year. Plus, the technology has advanced a lot just over the past few years and consumers are eager to get in on the smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) products, which also includes home security.

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Best Buy

Best Buy is an electronics reltailer based in Richfield, Minnesota near Minneapolis. It provides a wide range of smart home products and electronics gear. This wide selection of retail products also includes residential security including cameras, DVRs and other products. Best Buy sells its products in its large retail big box stores as well as its website. They do not have a dedicated staff for installation or monitoring of these systems. They are sold to consumers who are expected to install the systems themselves. Best Buy also sells many of its products exclusively, meaning you can only get the product from them and no one else. Their website has a list of these products called out as an exclusive deal.


Walmart also sells a variety of home security devices including cameras, DVRs, cables and other products. They sell these products, like Best Buy, in their huge retail locations around the country, but also on their website. They carry a wide variety of brands, but many if not most are on the lower quality side because their market is cheaply priced products that are sold to consumers. They also do not have the exclusive deals that Best Buy has on certain brands like Ring or Nest. Walmarts electronics section usually has an aisle with these security products. The selection is often not as wide in the store as it is on their website. Walmart is based in Arkansas.


Target also sells a limited amount of home security products. Target is similar to Walmart. The prices are not quite as low because Target’s target consumer (no pun intended) is one that is willing to spend a bit more and probably lives in the suburbs or higher income bracket. However, the business model is nearly identical. Quality is not the top concern always. Price is. Target selects a few decent quality products but must still be priced right. They are like the middle of the road in terms of quality vs. price. They also sell products online like the others. They are also based in Minneapolis like Best Buy.


Home Depot

Home Depot takes home security a little more seriously than Walmart and Target, but are pretty similar to Best Buy. They sell many of the same brands but carry others as well. Home Depot has to bill itself off as a provider of products for home improvement and security falls under that branch. They do have probably the widest selection of anyone on this list, so they might be the best place to check for home security products or to take a look at a physical product before buying online.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is probably second or third choice on this list. Target and Walmart would be last. This is because Sam’s Club offers low pricing on products made for homes and businesses, and though they are the same company as Walmart they sell more specialized inventory. This includes home security products. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.