When it comes to home security, customers have a lot of options. Researching home security systems and which one is the best can be a little difficult. To find the right alarm system for your home, follow these steps and get the protection your loved ones deserve.

How to Decide Which Is the Best Security System for Your Home

In home security, there is no universal solution. Every home is different and home security systems need to address this fact. Though many users choose to protect only the most vulnerable entry points of their home, the best idea would be to protect every door and window.

The number of sensors available with home alarm systems will vary from one model to the next. However, a few companies, like Protect America, are willing to provide as many sensors for your doors and windows as you need. In general, wireless home security systems cover more points of entry for less money than wired security systems.

The Best Home Security Systems

Wired security systems are generally sold by large home security companies that require monthly monitoring fees and a technician for installation. Wireless home security systems are also available from companies that require monitoring service but wireless systems are also popular among the DIY community.

Simon XT Wireless Home Security System

The GE Simon XT home security system from Protect America

Made by consumer goods manufacturer, the Simon XT wireless home security system can be used with a monitoring solution or as a DIY system. The Simon XT includes a control panel, motion detector, and enough door/window sensors to cover every point of entry on your home. A few home security companies, most notably Protect America, offer the Simon XT for free when you sign up for a monitoring solution.

Features of the Simon XT

  • Wireless
  • Connects up to 40 sensors or security accessories
  • Internal siren
  • 24 hour battery backup
  • Door chime
  • As many door/window sensor as needed
  • Landline, broadband, and cellular monitoring available
  • LCD navigation screen

Lasershield Home Security System

The Lasershield Wireless Home Security System

Like the Simon XT, Lasershield wireless home security systems can be used as DIY units or set up with a monitoring solution. This system does have some limitations as it can only be used in home less than 1200 square feet.

Features of Lasershield Security System

  • Wireless
  • 2 keychain remote controls
  • Motion detector
  • Battery backup

Skylink Wireless Home Security System

Skylink is a smaller company that specializes in cheap, DIY home security systems. The Skylink wireless home security system can hold up to 4 door/window sensors or security accessories, like a motion detector. Individuals that choose the Skylink will have to self-monitor this system.

Features of Skylink Security System

  • 4 security zones
  • 110 decibel siren
  • Lighted keypad
  • 2 door/window sensors
  • AC adapter