The FBI reports that a home is burglarized every 13 seconds, which is why home security is important. Fortunately, advantages in technology have made securing your home with an alarm system more efficient than ever before. Those advances have also paved the way for wireless systems. These systems have several advantages over traditional alarm systems, as well as some challenges.



It’s Cost-Effective

The idea of saving money on a home security system by not having to deal with a monthly fee can be appealing. After all, it contains the same basic setup, which includes sensors that detect motion in the doors and windows, as well as a keypad. Not only that, but a simple system costs no more than $200 upfront. Then there’s no more cost for you.

It’s Easy To Install

A home system that doesn’t require monthly monitoring fees is very easy to install. That’s because it doesn’t need to be hardwired into your home’s electrical circuits. That also means it’s really easy to move your system, change it for another, or upgrade it, too.

It’s Mobile

If you move often or rent your home, a home security system that’s not hard-wired and doesn’t require monthly monitoring fees has a great benefit. That benefit stems from the fact that it’s mobile, meaning you can take it with you when you move on to your next location.

It Offers Smart Home Features

With a home security system that doesn’t require hard-wiring or monthly fees, you get to keep track off what’s going on in your home online. With an app on your smart phone or other device, you can monitor your home yourself. That way, if something’s seems irregular, you can contact authorities immediately.

You Get Cell Phone Notifications

Although a home security system that’s free of monthly fees doesn’t have a staff regularly monitoring your property, you still get alerted in the case of a security breach. That alert is sent to your cell phone, as well as other phones you want. All you have to do is set it up.


Adding Extra Pieces Are Costly

A home security system that doesn’t require monthly fees comes as a complete kit that’s ready to use. That’s great, unless your home is bigger and requires more coverage than the kit can handle with the two or three window sensors that are included. If you do need more, you have to buy them separately, which average about $20 for an additional piece. That can get expensive if you have quite a number or windows and doors that need coverage. It can even exceed $100.

It Doesn’t Coverage Much

As mentioned above, when you buy a home security system that doesn’t include paid monthly monitoring, you just get basic coverage with only a few sensors. But professionally staffed systems provide a variety of extra features to keep your home safe. They generally include sensors that are immune to pets, battery backups, panic buttons, and fire monitoring.

You’re Not Automatically Connected To Police

A major disadvantage of a home security system that’s not hard-wired or professionally monitored is that if your security is breached, the police aren’t automatically notified. Instead, you have to contact them yourself, which adds extra time in getting their response.

You Don’t Get Tech Support

When a home security system isn’t professionally monitored, it also falls short of other professional assistance. For instance, you don’t receive regular tech support or equipment upgrades.

You Don’t Get Free Maintenance

If a piece of a home security system that’s not professionally monitored fails, or the entire system breaks down, you have to pay the cost of replacing it yourself. On the other hand, a traditional alarm company replaces failing equipment at no or a reduced cost.


You Install It Yourself

When you purchase a home security system that’s neither hard-wired or professionally monitored, you have to install it yourself. This greatly increases the risk of incorrect installation, which means it won’t work properly. Alternatively, professionals at a traditional alarm company install your system, which better ensures your home’s safety.

The Perfect Solution

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