Homeboy is a wireless home security camera that has some additional security features. It is self-contained and runs on your existing WiFi network. It is battery operated and can allegedly run on a single charge for about 3 months. The Homeboy camera is anchored to a base. The base contains some magnets that make it easy to move and mount when recharging it. While it is undoubtedly an innovative device, Homeboy is not enough to actually secure your home from a burglary. The device is unmonitored, vulnerable, and lacks many aspects of a traditional security system. But perhaps you aren’t looking for a traditional home security system? The bottom line is that there are many other home security companies with DIY solutions that can better secure your home, like Protect America.

What Can it Do?

This is a day and age that we utilize the Internet of Things, a way of connecting different devices with smart capabilities. In a connected world, things really have to work flawlessly 99% of the time in order for them to be useful. Otherwise, they’re just too unreliable and frustrating for most people. Generally, the main issue is getting a mobile app to work with the device in question. That device is Homeboy. There is often more than a few technical problems with new devices, and unfortunately one of the only ways to find out if a device works is to test it out for a period of time. Homeboy is very new, and has not had much time to get feedback form the general public on its usability. Consider a more experienced company, like Protect America. We’ve been serving customers for over 20 years, and have the experience and reliability you need for a safe home. 


The Homeboy camera set-up goes for $149. It has built-in motion sensors, night vision, and a siren. The entire system runs off a rechargeable battery for up to three months. To install it, you place the small, circular base wherever you want, and the Homeboy attaches to it magnetically. You can then angle it. Note that there’s no panning or tilting the camera, like you’d get with some competing home security cameras that run around the same price. While this device might prove to be promising as the makers add things to the platform, Homeboy still lacks most of the features traditional security systems provide, including:

  • panels
  • professional monitoring (currently)
  • exterior surveillance
  • smoke alarms
  • carbon monoxide sensors
  • glass-break sensors
  • key chains

While Homeboy does use geo-fencing technology to arm and disarm your home, monitoring your home with sensors can give you the advantage of knowing when a burglar is attempting to break-in rather than catching them in the process of burglarizing your home. Homeboy is able to communicate with other devices if you choose to install sensors, smoke alarms or other home automation devices.

Posse vs Professional Monitoring

It may sound strange, but you can designate a group of people, or a posse, that will receive the same alerts and clips as you. All your posse has to do is install the Homeboy app on their smartphones. Each posse member can be either a Chief or a Deputy. A Chief has complete control over all the Homeboy at a given location, as well as the ability to invite others into the posse. The Deputy can arm and disarm cameras, but can’t change any of their settings. It is an interesting concept. However, when it comes down to it, posses can’t monitor your home like a professional monitoring station will. Last year alone, there were over 2 million burglaries in there United States, according to the FBI Crime Reports. 


The good news is that Homeboy is aware that professional monitoring is very important, and probably one of the highest levels of security you can provide yourself. Beginning in early 2015, Homeboy owners can strengthen their home security system with optional professional monitoring on a non-contract basis. This is an excellent addition for the Homeboy security camera. It definitely raises it to a higher level of competition for most companies. However, until this option is released… who’s watching your home?

Your Best Alternative

Only monitored systems come with 24-hour surveillance by a professional security team. If your home is burglarized, the police will not be notified unless you call them directly. Instead of placing the burden of this responsibility on yourself, simplify your life by using a professionally monitored home security system from Protect America. At Protect America, you are provided with free equipment and a lifetime warranty. Protect America delivers the reliability of a professional monitoring while still maintaining the simplicity and affordability of a DIY security system.