The security system is one of the most important parts of the home, but it’s only as good as the components it offers and the company that backs it. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the options chosen by the homeowner work with other options they already have. Then they can get what they need from the system itself. A lot of the systems integrate with smart hub or home automation options, such as Apple HomeKit. These integrated options are good choices for door sensors and more, because they tie together neatly — and that means fewer devices for a homeowner to worry about.


But what are the actual options for a door sensor that’s designed to work with HomeKit? There are several, including:

    • Elgato
    • Fibaro
    • User-designed options through an Arduino or similar open source option

The number of options isn’t the largest, but that’s mostly because HomeKit is relatively new. It’s likely that there will be more options in the future, and that will allow for homeowners to add more compatible sensors to their arsenal when they already have HomeKit in their homes. It could also make them more likely to buy HomeKit, because they might have sensors already that are going to be able to be used with it.

What Does Apple’s HomeKit Offer?

HomeKit is popular because it offers a high level of integrated experience when it comes to what homeowners want and need. It’s a true smart hub, and it’s a good way to focus on automating a home from a central terminal that’s easy to use.

Because it’s intuitive and user friendly, HomeKit one of the most commonly used options for homeowners who want to have control over the systems in their house from one main location.

They might not be able to get everything they want in one place, but they can get a lot closer to a completely automated home when they work with HomeKit and the proper door sensors through a quality security company they can trust. Most people who have HomeKit really like the convenience it offers to them, and integrating other smart technology like a thermostat can help to make things more comfortable, as well.

How to Choose the Right Door Sensors

With the security system of their choosing, a homeowner will probably have some door sensor options. That’s good news, because it allows that same homeowner to ensure that they’re getting exactly what they want from the system and the company that backs it. With more and more devices becoming HomeKit compatible, it’s possible that a homeowner can get a security company to provide everything they need to integrate what they want in their home with everything they already have. That can help them select the right door sensors, so they can have automation and peace of mind together in one package.


Is It Time for a New Security Company?

For some homeowners, the time for a new security company is now. They want to make sure that they’re getting everything they need, and that the price they’re paying for it is fair. If they aren’t getting proper integration and good door sensors that they can use with their Apple HomeKit, they may want to choose something different — and that could even mean choosing a new security company that they can trust and rely on. Then they’ll have a better chance at proper integration, and a company they know they can rely on to protect them through the years.

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