If you’re looking for honest statistics and honest reviews about home security, you have come to the right place. The mind-boggling statistics listed below provide a clear indication of just how important it is to start protecting your home with a security system:


  • There are 1,495,790 burglaries during the day. Break-ins are 6% more likely to occur during the day between 6 am and 6 pm while people are at work or running errands.
  • There are 1,324,090 burglaries during the night. The cover of night brings security for intruders but also means people are more likely be home.
  • Snow and cold are also a significant deterrent. The lowest amount of burglaries happen in the month of February.
  • A report from the U.S. Department of Justice showed that from 1993 to 2010, on average, burglary rates were highest in the summer, with about 9% lower rates in spring, 6% lower in fall, and 11% lower in winter.

Here’s the truth of the matter — no one is safe from having their home broken into. With a security system, though, it is proven that a burglar is much more likely to take his treachery somewhere else. Here at Protect America, we’ve done all we can to provide you with the latest information on some of today’s most notable security cameras. Check out what we discovered below.

Logitech Circle 2

Even though it’s a wired version, Logitech Circle 2 is one of the best indoor security cameras available thanks to its capability to capture bright, detailed images inside your home. If you want to keep tabs on your kids, pets, or watch for unidentified house guests, this is a security camera worth considering. Logitech offers 24 hours of free video storage for every camera with an option to pay for Circle Safe, which offers person detection, monitors motion zones in specific areas of your home, and gives you up to 31 days of cloud storage. Logitech Circle 2 works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit.

Nest Cam

Nest Cam is the only available corded camera that is truly waterproof. The camera can withstand the outdoor elements while keeping your home safe and protected. The images and video recordings are crystal-clear and it serves as an excellent choice for those wanting to monitor the front porch, back porch, garage, deck, pool area, driveway, and anywhere else of importance outside. Included with Nest is 24/7 recording and not just clips of action. It is continuous recording in crystal-clear 1080p. Smartphone alerts are available along with a detailed in-app timeline when motion is detected. Note that a Nest Aware subscription is required to view your footage. Nest works with Nest, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Netgear Arlo Pro 2

For those looking for a truly wireless outdoor camera, look no further. The Netgear Arlo Pro 2 is wireless in every way. This camera allows flexibility when placing the camera outside. The Arlo Base Station allows the long-life battery in the camera to be placed up to 300 feet a way. It features a loud 100dB siren, and in addition, it comes with free cloud storage for up to seven days. A USB port on the Base Station gives the option of inserting an external drive to store content locally. The Arlo Pro 2 works with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Stringify.


SkyBell HD

Another option for those wanting a method to monitor who is on their doorsteps is the SkyBell doorbell camera. The camera features a reliable motion-detector and is capable of capturing a small clip of action before the visitor rings the bell. There are no subscription fees to pay and the company doesn’t charge for storage or video streaming. SkyBell works with Alexa, SmartThings, Nest, and IFTTT.

Wyze Cam V2

Inexpensive and small but big on features is the Wyze Cam V2. This little camera is both motion and sound triggered. It has enhanced auto capabilities along with a microSD slot and a setup button used for pairing with its own app. It is tiny and cube-shaped and is available in a new white matte finish. The camera can be angled in any direction and entails a magnetic base that allows the camera to attach to any metal surface.


To learn more about today’s modern security cameras, contact Protect America. We even offer free quotes and free installation.