Honeywell is one of the most respected names in technology, particularly in home appliance, home electronic and home security solutions. They were the company that introduced the iconic round thermostats we all know and remember before the digital displays came into favor over the past couple decades. Many old buildings still have those same circular face thermostats within their premises. In the year 2018, Honeywell makes good on another set of promises with its continued investment, research and development of technologies, especially in regard to home security. They pulled out all the stops and fine tuned all their equipment.

The developments in technology have many in the home energy, home security, connected home, Internet of Things (IoT) and home appliance markets raving. Many new products are being introduced. Honeywell is no exception. They are leaders in the development of these technologies in fact. This article explains what some of those innovations are and what products to expect and look for this year. Continue reading to find what Honeywell has in store for home security products in 2018.


Honeywell’s New Era of Innovation

It is no secret that connected homes and devices are the future and Amazon’s Alexa gadget is one of the devices in the forefront. Honeywell’s investment in building a connected home security device that integrates with Alexa was a bold and smart move for the company. It may also utilize facial recognition technolgy. Imagine if you could get details about the person who intruded or burglarized your home or business using that kind of technology? Of course, those features may not legally be available where you live, according to Honeywell. The new smart home security product is so new that it is being crowdfunded and available for pre-order on IndieGogo. Honeywell continues to innovate. Watch this product close.

Beyond the Smart Home

If you are focusing on the immediate term, Honeywell has some very amazing products:

  • Control panels
  • Applications for mobile monitoring
  • Recording and storage solutions

Current Smart Home Security Offerings from Honeywell

One of their flagship products, the Lyric Home Secuirty and Home Control System from Honeywell. It is one of the most in demand systems for security on the market. That is because it has a robust set of features for home security like a wireless connected platform instead of only a single fixed panel. It also features SiX Two Way Wireless Technlogy from Honeywell, another innovation from the company.


Security Cameras

In addition to panels and smart connected home devices and applications for home security. Honeywell’s Lyric and other security cameras are high quality. Their new line consists of the Lyric C1 and C2 home security cameras. These are high quality cameras with HD capable recording.

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