Honeywell is a home security manufacturer that has been in use for over 30 years. They are also involved in defense, aerospace, and aviation as well as home security. While Honeywell security has definitely made a name for itself, there are some weaknesses that need to be addressed before you finalize your decision in a home security company that uses their products.

Wired versus Wireless

When choosing a home security system, it is important to have options. Many people choose the convenience of a wireless system, but if your home already has an existing system, it would obviously be best to utilize the wiring and/or sensors you have already. Hardwired systems are very robust and often desired over wireless systems because they involve very little maintenance. Honeywell’s Lynx 5100 only offers the option for wireless use. Other security systems are considered more versatile. The Simon XT, for example, gives you the option of both wireless and hardwired systems.

The Future is Here

Home management is a feature offered by the most modern home security companies through apps that allow remote access, text alerts, home automation, and live feeds. Honeywell uses an app called “Total Connect” that offers home management through your smart phone or computer. Honeywell’s Total Connect app has recently added features, but is still playing catch-up in terms of overall practicality and approval. On the other hand, all Simon XT monitoring systems come with has been on the market longer than any other remote access app and is considered a more robust option.

An unhappy reviewer of the Honeywell Lynx 5100 had this to say:

Be very careful that you are not mislead as I was about compatibility with Honeywell’s Total Connect software. This software claims to allow full control of your alarm through both an Internet and IPhone app. Once you sign the contract and install the software you will find that all that works is a basic remote keypad. ALL of the other features that Honeywell demos in their videos and brochures do not work.

Moving? Your Honeywell System Won’t Be

This upset customer thought everything was fine until he needed to move. He said:

It wasn’t until I started calling around for monitoring service that I became so disappointed in the product. The Honeywell Lynx, to my understanding thus far, is useless when a homeowner moves since a new system will be required to reprogram. I have called at least three monitoring companies who told me without the original codes, the system will need to be replaced. So now I have a very expensive wall unit that shows me only the weather.

Protect America includes the Simon XT in any package. If you decide to move, Protect America will offer you a relocation kit that makes it simple and easy to take your trusted home security system with you wherever you go.


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Honeywell International had to recall its Vista Security Systems a few years ago because of its failure to operate properly when the panic button was pressed. If the panic button was pressed once, there was a possibility of leaving residents without a triggered alarm in the event of an emergency. The Vista Security System was sold nationwide for two years before the recall occurred, and affected up to 7,000 units sold during that time. To resolve the issue, Honeywell eventually offered free replacements of software to consumers.


Honeywell only offers a two-year warranty on its products. If you choose to go with a company like Protect America, you’ll get a lifetime warranty with the Simon XT. Considering most security contracts are about 36 months, it would be unwise to choose a product that isn’t guaranteed to work for longer than two-thirds of your contract.

Essentially, it is smarter to go with a home security company that specializes in connecting you with the most effective equipment on the market. Protect America offers the Simon XT along with a plethora of other devices to better secure your home. Your family safety is important, and at Protect America, we are ready to help.