Honeywell is a large consumer products manufacturer with involvement in aerospace engineering, defense contracting, and other industries. The company is also one of the largest manufacturers of home security systems in the world. While Honeywell does offer alarm systems through retailers and home security providers, it does not provide monitoring or related security services. This post will help you better understand what Honeywell home security systems offers and how good they are.


Honeywell Home Security Systems: An Overview

One of the more established manufacturers of home security equipment, Honeywell alarm systems are used by a number of large home security providers. Home security companies will license Honeywell systems and provide support services, like installation and 24/7 monitoring. Customers can buy a Honeywell home alarm system directly from a retailer, such as Amazon, but these versions will not have available support service and users will be left to monitor the system themselves. In addition to intrusion detection, Honeywell also makes surveillance and fire detection equipment.

Honeywell Home Security Systems Reviews

For the most part, Honeywell security systems receive fairly poor review from users. On shopping sites that offer customer generated reviews, many Honeywell alarm systems receive less than a 50 percent approval rating. The performance of these systems can be improved somewhat with competent support service but quality is limited. Honeywell security systems are also based on antiquated hardwired technology that can’t adapt to new security accessories as easily.

Protect America doesn’t use Honeywell home security systems. Instead, Protect America has chosen wireless systems made by venerated electronics maker GE. These wireless systems are more robust and give customers greater flexibility. Wireless home security systems are specifically designed for a high level of customization. They are also easy enough to use that users can install the devices themselves, which actually leads to lower instances of false alarms. Another benefit of Protect America using GE is no installation fees for the customer and simple set-up with a professional monitoring system.


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