In 2016, the FBI reports that nearly 8 million property crimes were reported nationwide.

Honeywell Home Security has been serving customers throughout the United States for more than 30 years. When you are searching for a home security provider that is right for you, it is important to determine the best options you have available to you prior to making an informed decision for you and your family.


Features of Honeywell Home Security Systems

A few of the most popular features Honeywell Home Security has to offer include:

  • Backup Batteries are Provided: One of the downfalls of many home security companies available in the security industry is that they do not always offer backup power solutions. Honeywell Home Security provides backup batteries and battery solutions for a potential natural disaster or any loss of power.
  • Home Automation Features: Honeywell Home Security currently offers home security equipment and solutions that are automated. Home automation security solutions allow you to access and monitor your system from just about any location with the use of a mobile smartphone, computer, or another tablet device. Using home automation features also provide you with the ability to control and set your home’s thermostats, clocks, lighting settings, and even locks that you have programmed with your home’s security system that is already in place and installed. Home automation is ideal for individuals who are always traveling for work, on-the-go with friends, or for those who simply wish to add a complete layer of protection and security to their homes at all times.
  • Affordable Packages: Honeywell Home Security offers security equipment packages that range anywhere from $35 to $45 monthly (with the potential for additional taxes, fees, and service charges depending on your equipment rentals and overall costs). Always be sure to inquire about potential promotional costs and discounts if you are interested in becoming a new customer of Honeywell equipment.
  • Trusted Name: The original Honeywell Home Security name was founded in 1906. While Honeywell Home Security is not known throughout the US for its security monitoring services, the name itself is trusted and the brand has been known as reliable and professional for more than a century.
  • Multiple Service Options: Not all home security companies and providers allow customers to obtain service without a working landline phone service currently active. With Honeywell Home Security, there are both wired and wireless options and solutions available. Even if you do not currently have a landline service installed and activated in your home, there are new wireless solutions and access control panels available to ensure you are capable of receiving the security and protection you desire.

Not a Monitoring Service

While Honeywell Home Security has a wide range of home security equipment and tools that are useful for home protection, they are not advertised as a home monitoring service. When you opt for Honeywell Home Security equipment and solutions, you are also required to find the right monitoring service that is best for your household’s needs. Before you begin reviewing and comparing the type of home security equipment that is available from Honeywell, it is important to determine whether you plan to install the security equipment you invest in yourself or the total costs you will be responsible for after selecting an additional monitoring service for your new equipment.


Installation Fee

When signing up with Honeywell, installation fees often range anywhere from $99 to $199 depending on any promotional offer you qualify for and the type of security package you are interested in for your home. While home installation fees vary and are common among many home security companies, it is important to remember that Honeywell Home Security does not offer monitoring and protection services as other home security solutions available on the market today.

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