Honeywell first started up in 1906 in Wabash, Indiana by a man by the name of Mark C. Honeywell. Ever since then, they have been one of the top tech companies in America. This is what they do in a nutshell:

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Honeywell is the creator of many products. They cover everything from buildings and safety and aerospace and healthcare. One of their top products is home security systems. That branch covers cameras, security for doors, light switch timers, safes, security alarm solutions, shredders, and water leak detectors. Why are they so popular? Protect America put this brand to the test and took a look through what makes them one of the top brands. They found that Honeywell has a number of selling points.

  • Do it Yourself
  • Equipment
  • Performance
  • Technology

Do it Yourself

Not everyone can afford to have a professional to install their systems. They could save money with DIY. Some even want the challenge of installing a system by themselves. Some home security system customs offer DIY for systems to help save the home owner money. Honeywell is no different. It is important to know that the Honeywell company does not install or monitor systems themselves. Instead, that job falls to local authorized Honeywell dealers. However, DIY does have the option of DIY if the home owners want it. A Secure Life says that Honeywell offers both professionals and DIY, depending on the company monitoring the house. They make sure that their DIY is easy there are guides to get it done on the internet. Recently, the company launched a campaign on Indiegogo for the Expandable Smart Home Security with Alexa feature.


Equipment is the most important part of any security system. It is need for the monitoring of the house to happen. Honeywell offers many products to give the home owner peace of mind. They offer everything from control panels to sensors. A Secure Life says that the company offers high-quality with their products. One example is the Honeywell LYNX Touch Kit. It all comes with one LYNX Touch control panel, three door/window sensors, one motion detector, one key fob, one Z-Wave module, and one Wi-Fi module. Now, the only drawback is the price. Some of the equipment is pricey while others are reasonable prices. The good news is that the equipment can be found on sites like Amazon. The Honeywell LYNX Touch Kit can be found on Amazon for the price of $400. Honeywell also had affordable add-on sensors that can also be found on Amazon. Their other stellar products include the Lyric security camera and smart thermostats.


Performance will make or break a security system. A good security system will protect the house and let the right people monitor over it. How does Honeywell stack up? A Secure Life gives it four stars out of five. Honeywell has professional monitoring if the home owner requests it. The add-on sensors are really reliable because they are at the top-of-the line. Customers are happy with their system and how it works. The only problem that they have is the pricing that comes with installation and the monthly monitoring fees. The pricing depends on what third-party company is dealing with the home owner in the particular area.



One more important factor of home security systems is the technology. Without it, the system is useless. Honeywell keeps their technology highly evolved and top of the line. The company has had 112 years to perfect their technology. Even then, they are still working to grow and evolve to keep up with the world of home security. One of their top features is Z-Wave home automation. It can be found in their thermostats, lighting, locks, shades, fans, and cameras. This allows the home owner to make their own schedules and take control of automation. So, they could set the temperature and lighting before leaving for work.

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