Honeywell has notoriously been a trusted name in the world of home security. The Honeywell Smart Home Security however, didn’t quite deliver to the expectations of the other security products they are known for. This DIY all-in-one security device is a self-monitored camera that also works as a security system hub. With built-in motion detection, Z-Wave integration and Alexa voice commands, it’s not necessarily what this device doesn’t have but what it didn’t do right at such a high dollar price tag.


Honeywell Smart Home Breakdown

The Honeywell Smart Home Security camera is the base station for an entire security system, sold separately for $350. With the addition of two sensors and a key-chain remote to complete the Honeywell Smart Home Security starter kit, the total jumps to $450. The base station looks like a security camera mounted on top of an Amazon Echo and that’s because it essentially is.


The majority of the Honeywell Smart Home Security camera looks like an Amazon Echo because it nearly acts as one. With Alexa voice command capabilities, this system can control any smart-home accessories such as lights or thermostats. The speaker portion also includes two-way audio and an 85-decibel alarm for deterring unwanted intruders.

At the top of this 7.3×3.6-inch security device sits a 2-megapixel, 1080p camera. The camera offers night vision and motion detection with a 147° field of view. If personal privacy or cyber security is a concern, it also comes equipped with a sliding privacy shade to block the camera. The base of the device also changes its light color to indicate its current state. For instance, red indicates that it is muted.


The Honeywell Smart Home Security is controlled by the Honeywell Home app for iPhone or Android devices. The app helps walk you through the setup process and will ask for permission to input your Amazon credentials for Alexa access. It will also allow you to setup and schedule the facial-recognition feature. Oddly however, you are limited to two face profiles as well as only run for a maximum of 2 hours a day.

Although Honeywell claims this should be enough facial recognition for most users, it’s a frustrating and unnecessary limitation. Unlike other DIY self-monitored security cameras, the Honeywell Smart Home offers free facial recognition. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for because the performance of the facial-recognition feature has been notoriously inconsistent and glitchy.


The Honeywell Smart Home Security comes free with 24 hours of video storage and 50 viewable clips. For $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year, the Standard Membership offers 30 days of video storage and 1,500 viewable clips. The highest level is the Premium Membership for $14.99 a month or $149.99 a year, which gives you 60 days of cloud video storage as well as 3,000 viewable clips.

Although customers can increase their level of subscription to allow for more storage, the Honeywell Smart Home offers no option for professional monitoring. This is another unfortunate drawback as the option for professional monitoring is becoming much more common among DIY security devices with the obvious benefits it offers.

Bottom Line

For the price tag the Honeywell Smart Home Security comes with, you would expect it to be nearly flawless but unfortunately it is not. For essentially being a camera placed on top of an Amazon Echo, the missing Alexa features such as music streaming or calling seem odd. The device also doesn’t offer cellular backup or the option for professional monitoring, which is a fairly major drawback. The nail in the coffin however is the price compared to the limitations and poor performance of the facial-recognition feature. It’s hard to validate spending that much money for an overall average home security device.

Better Option

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