Canceling a security system contract isn’t always easy, and it can also be expensive. That’s generally why a lot of people shy away from companies that require long contracts — because they don’t want to end up stuck if they decide they don’t really like, need, or want the service. They may also be concerned about the overall price, and how much of a fee they’ll be asked to pay if they cancel. But sometimes cancellation of a security company contract becomes necessary, and the homeowner just has to go through the steps to make it happen. That can be easier with some companies than it is with others.


What Does A-Com Provide for Cancellation Information?

A-Com has a cancellation policy that’s better than many companies. The fees for early termination are less than they would be with some of the bigger names in the industry, so customers that have to cancel can expect to pay less. This can help them feel better about the choice to cancel their contract, and stop them from feeling like they’re being punished for needing to make a change. No one wants to feel that way, but that’s how many people feel when they cancel their security contracts and have to pay high rates and jump through a lot of hoops to get things done and over with. But it’s still vital that customers focus on calling the company and stating clearly that they want to cancel. Then they need to follow the procedure and information provided to them by the representative.

Following Up With the Company Is Important

Even though the cancellation may feel complete — or in process, at least — following up with A-Com is very important. That’s true with all companies, actually, because it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. That can cost a homeowner months of fees and charges they shouldn’t have been billed for.

It’s very important to make sure that a canceled security monitoring contract actually got canceled, and the best way to do that is to follow up.

That can provide confirmation of the cancellation, along with more peace of mind, as well.


It May Be Time To Choose Another Company

Sometimes the best thing a homeowner can do is cancel their contract and move to another company. Why? All sorts of reasons, including:

  • better coverage
  • higher reliability
  • faster response times
  • newer equipment
  • better rates

There are always reasons to switch, but the more research that’s done before picking a company the lower the chance that the switch will need to happen during the contract period. That can reduce the aggravation and fees, and can also make it easier to switch if the homeowner isn’t locked into a contract. But there are a number of things to consider, and canceling a contract with a security company shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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