There are a number of reasons to have a security system, and plenty of homeowners enjoy the protection and peace of mind it offers. But at some point the homeowner may want to cancel their contract with a particular company and move to a different one. Choosing the right alarm company from the beginning can help avoid this, but there is always the chance that a customer would still want to choose a different company later, for a variety of reasons. With that in mind, it’s valuable to know how to cancel the contract with the alarm company, in case it ever needs to be done.


What Customers Say About Acadiana Security

Customers have mixed feelings about Acadiana Security. Some homeowners who have the system are very happy with it, and others are not as pleased with the service they’re getting. The biggest complaint is one that’s common to security monitoring companies — it’s too hard to cancel the contract when a person wants to. The fee to cancel a contract can be annoying to homeowners, but it’s also to be expected. However, getting a contract canceled without hassle or aggravation can be stressful, and it shouldn’t be like that. Companies need to be more aware of how their customers feel about their business practices, and Acadiana Security is no exception. Calling the company to ask about their required cancellation procedure is the best way to handle the issue.

Follow Up After Contract Cancellation

Any customer who is committed to getting out of a home security monitoring contract will want to make sure they follow proper procedures to cancel that contract correctly.

After canceling a security contract, a homeowner can follow up with the company to ensure that the cancellation is processed correctly.

That improves the way a customer feels about the situation, and can help add to peace of mind, as well. Additionally, following up helps ensure that a homeowner won’t be charged for additional months or other blocks of time, and that they understand when their monitoring service will end and whether they will have to pay a cancellation fee — as well as how much that fee will be and when they will be billed or otherwise charged for it. The more knowledge a homeowner has about their cancellation, the easier it can be on everyone involved.


Choosing a Different Security Company

After canceling with Acadiana Security, a homeowner may want to get service from another monitored security company to help protect their home and family. Selecting the right company will generally mean looking for:

  • quality equipment
  • easy installation
  • fast response times
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • reliable service

When a homeowner can get all of those things from their monitored service company, they generally feel better about having a new system in their home. That can also help them get the equipment, service, and price they’re looking for.

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