Canceling a contract with a home security provider such as ADT can feel challenging or nearly impossible, especially if you are currently in a contract or if you have never worked with a security company in the past. With the right preparation and a thorough understanding of your current ADT contract, it is possible to complete the process of canceling your contract, although you may still be required to pay a 75% payment after the cancellation itself. Even if you are not getting anywhere with ADT while attempting to cancel your service and contract, there are a few solutions available to get the job done.

Get a Clear Understanding of the Current Contract You Have With ADT Home Security

Most standard ADT contracts last between 36 and 60 months. Thoroughly read your current ADT contract to gain insight into cancellation fees and remaining balances you are responsible for in the event of a cancellation. Having your contract handy and ready when you are speaking directly to an ADT customer representative is also highly advisable for the smoothest outcome. Having a clear understanding of your current ADT contract helps you avoid additional fees or payments.


Call ADT Directly

Thousands of individuals have left negative reviews on ADT due to their poor and lacking customer service available to paying customers. Submitting a request for a cancellation online may ultimately lead you to a dead-end, as ADT does not have the best reviews in terms of online service and support. Call ADT directly anytime you are thinking of changing or canceling your service to speak directly with a customer representative or a supervisor if necessary. While you are likely to endure long waiting times, it is often better than not getting a response to your request at all. Dial 800-238-2727 to speak with a representative.

While speaking with a representative from ADT, make sure to ask them each of the questions you deem important before parting ways. This includes reviewing what happens to the equipment inside your home. The fate of your equipment may vary.

For example, ADT cannot uninstall your equipment if you paid outright for it. If you lease the equipment, they can send a technician to collect it from your home. Or they may send a prepaid return box with instructions on how to return the equipment.

Send a Certified Letter

Send a certified letter to ADT in the mail with your intent to cancel your service. Date your letter and request a delivery report while keeping a record of when you originally wanted out of your contract. The more evidence you have to support your lack of customer service, the more you may save when paying cancellation fees. Keeping a proof of delivery and making a copy of your cancellation can also protect you against accusations of breaching your ADT contract.


Use Social Media to Reach Out

When you do not receive any form of response, consider using social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can make it easier to reach the company directly. In many cases, social media has become an ideal method of getting a response from a company who has provided less than satisfactory service.

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