Homeowners who are looking for a good alarm company often choose one after they’ve had the opportunity to check out a few options. But that doesn’t mean they’re getting the best one for their needs. Instead, they may end up in a contract that they don’t feel good about, and wondering how to cancel it as easily as possible. All Guard Alarm and other companies offer security systems and require a contract — and the cancellation of that contract may not be as easy as customers would really like. But it’s important to follow the company’s procedure for cancellation, so the contract can be canceled efficiently and the homeowner can move on.


What All Guard Alarm Offers To Customers

All Guard Alarm offers customers a lot of value for the money spent, at least in the eyes of some customers. Homeowners who have the service can generally expect:

  • fast response times
  • ease of installation
  • good customer service
  • reliable protection
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • quality equipment
  • peace of mind

That’s good for homeowners, but it’s not everything. And it doesn’t guarantee that everyone who has the service will be happy with it for the long term, either.

Some people are not happy with the service that All Guard Alarm provides, and other people need to switch to a different company due to moving or other unexpected issues.

With that in mind, customers want to be able to cancel their monitoring contract, but that’s not always an easy thing to do. Home monitoring companies don’t always offer detailed information on how to do that, so it’s vital to call the company and ask specifically about what should be done. That way the homeowner can follow the proper procedure and expedite the cancellation.

Be Sure To Follow Up After Cancellation

Following up after a cancellation is a very important part of severing ties with All Guard Alarm. There should be a confirmation number, or other piece of information, that the company gives to customers who choose to end their contracts. Keeping that information and making a phone call or sending an email to be sure that the contract really is canceled matters. Sometimes things slip through the cracks, and catching them quickly can reduce the chances of extra charges or other problems.


The Right Security Company Gives Customers What They Need

If a homeowner decides that All Guard Alarm isn’t right for them, they may want to select a different company to work with. They can do that by focusing on what they really want and need from an alarm company, and then looking for companies that can provide that for a price they feel good about. Whether they have to pay more to get what they want should be up to the homeowner, as there are plenty of companies to choose from in some areas and far fewer in other locations. But most homeowners have a choice, and will want to make that choice carefully.

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