Need to cancel your AMP Security Contract? AMP Security (also known as AMP Smart) is a dealer of Honeywell products. Though they offer basic home monitoring services, many customers find themselves ultimately unsatisfied with their customer service. AMP Security has a Better Business Bureau rating of only 3/5 and complaints include aggressive marketing tactics.

Monthly Service Fees and Monitoring Costs

Do You Want to Cancel Your AMP Security Contract?

There are many reasons you might want to cancel your contract. AMP Security contracts are often delivered via high pressure sales sessions, so you may end up committing to a higher price than you originally intended. Because these sales professionals can be so forceful, you may even end up with equipment that you don’t even need. You might want to cancel because:

  • You paid too much for the equipment or too much for installation.
  • You aren’t getting the customer service you need.
  • You don’t feel your home is as well-protected as it should be.
  • You want more advanced technology.

But there are early termination fees involved. Some people report early termination fees of up to $1,250 when trying to cancel their AMP Security contract.

” I caution anyone who has a sales representative from AMP security come to their door to be aware that what they told you may not be truthful and may end up costing a lot of money in the end.”

How Can You Cancel Your AMP Security Contract?

Because the sales representatives for AMP Security are often caught lying or overselling their contracts, your best option is likely documentation. Carefully document what you were expecting to get with your alarm system and the areas in which the alarm system has fallen short. Request that you be let out of your contract on the grounds that the contract has been broken for these reasons.

If AMP Security has not broken their contract with you, it is very likely that you are going to have to pay an early termination fee. However, you may still be able to negotiate a lower rate for this termination fee — and you may be able to ask for a payment plan. Even if you do need to pay a termination fee, you may still be able to save money with a different provider.

What’s Next?

Whether you’re still in the process of canceling your contract or you’ve already done so, you’re going to need a different type of home security. Protect America can help you explore your options and find the next step. Contact Protect America today to find out more.