No matter what security company a homeowner uses, it’s generally for one basic reason — peace of mind. People want to feel safe, secure, and protected in their own homes. That makes perfect sense. But sometimes a homeowner will decide that a particular company isn’t for them, and want to cancel their contract. They may be moving out of the current company’s service area, or they may simply want to choose a different company that will offer them a better price, higher quality equipment, or something else they find valuable. For homeowners who have Beacon Protection, understanding how to cancel their contract is important.


Beacon Protection and Their Cancellation Information

Like most monitored home security companies, Beacon Protection is vague about how to cancel their contract. They have to give customers a way to do this, but they don’t have to make it obvious. It could be hidden in pages of contract information, in the proverbial "fine print," or it could be through a series of links where it’s far more difficult to locate than would be expected by the average customer.

Many alarm companies bury their cancellation information, so calling the company directly to get information on the cancellation procedure is often the best option.

That way there’s no question about how to cancel the contract, and no reason to worry about whether it was done correctly. Instead, homeowners can just get their cancellation taken care of, and they won’t be billed for additional months of service. There’s usually a cancellation fee, but that’s something most customers come to expect and understand.

Be Sure To Follow Up With the Company

After canceling with Beacon Protection, a customer will want to follow up. Sometimes things fall through the cracks, and a homeowner doesn’t want to end up paying more than they should because of some simple misunderstanding. Rather than take the risk of not getting the cancellation completed, it’s better to follow up and make sure it’s been done. There should be a confirmation number, and make sure to get the name of the person and the date of the conversation. If there’s a problem later on, that information can help homeowners work with the company so that the cancellation is processed the right way, and as of the appropriate date.


Getting a New Alarm Company Can Help

Most customers who cancel their Beacon Protection contract do it because they’re going to switch to a different company. When switching, homeowners should look for:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • fast response times
  • a fair price
  • reliable protection
  • good customer service
  • easy installation
  • quality equipment

Those are all important things to get in a monitoring service, and they’re also what most companies offer. But the price and terms are going to vary, along with the length of the contract, the type of equipment used, and how much is included in the basic rate.

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