“A valid contract requires voluntary offer, acceptance, and consideration.” –Robert Higgs

Cancelling a home security system contract generally is not fun. For instance, customers often are irate to find out they might have to pay gargantuan early termination fees. They also do not relish the idea of or spending more than an hour on the phone with a retention specialist if they do wish to cancel. To make matters worse, they often feel that they are cheated out of usage time if they relocate and cannot take their system with them.


Blue Ridge Security is one that does not publicly display their cancellation terms and conditions on their website. There also is not much information online at all in reviews determining what to expect when signing up to use Blue Ridge Security as a home protection service. However, if you are an existing Blue Ridge customer, you more than likely did receive information about how to cancel when you registered. If so, the hope is that you read your contract and know what to expect if you cancel.

Read the Fine Print Before Cancelling with Blue Ridge!

Before you attempt to sever ties with this home security company, make sure you are prepared for the worst. For instance, many customers do not realize that they could be liable for a majority of the time for which they have not yet paid. Furthermore, there might be misconceptions about who actually owns the alarm equipment if a customer has agreed to a certain contract duration and now “wants out.” Make sure you are satisfied with the terms of your cancellation before you do.

The Best Way to Cancel Your Blue Ridge Security Account

You could call Blue Ridge customer service to find out how to cancel a Blue Ridge Security contract. When you do, you might have to spend time talking to a sales retention specialist. However, you also could mail in a registered notice of cancellation to this company’s office.

When calling customer service or sending a letter to Blue Ridge Security to cancel your home security account, that call or letter should contain the following information:

  • Name, address and phone number
  • Blue Ridge Security Solutions account number
  • Statement of your intent to cancel

If you proceed to cancel your Blue Ridge Security solutions by mail, make sure you get proof of delivery and make sure you save a copy of your cancellation letter! This will save you from liability in the event this home security company tries to tell you that you owe money if you terminate early.


“Should I Cancel my Blue Ridge Security Solutions Contract?”

Cancelling a contract can be a hassle, so make sure that you are ready to cancel your Blue Ridge Security Solutions contract. One good reason to cancel is if you know you have not received the services you think you deserve for the price you paid. You also are better off cancelling if you feel the company has not been as forthcoming with you about your contract terms as you would have hoped.

If you are tired of surprises, please contact Protect America and request a free quote. We will guide you every step of the way and make sure you understand your contract terms. With that in mind, we hope you never want to cancel your Protect America account, but if you ever do, we explain the terms well.

Remember also that we have plans starting from $19.99 per month, and we also have optional smart home upgrades. All subscriptions include 24/7 monitoring for no upfront cost.