Figuring out how to get out of any service contract may seem like an impossible venture. However, when there’s a will, there’s a way!  Companies often want you to think that you’re locked in for good after you sign a document. However, there are a few techniques you can employ to get out of a service contract. After all, life happens and sometimes you need to get out of a contract.

When you feel “stuck” in a home security contract that doesn’t meet your needs, you don’t need to stay. Perhaps you have a Central Security Group contract that you need to terminate. Follow these two steps to break free from a fixed term of payments and obligations.

Here’s how to cancel your Central Security Group contract.

1. Look for the “out clause” in your contract.

If you’re looking to switch to a service like Protect America, then you’ll need to get out of your current Central Security Group contract. Home security contracts aren’t always black and white when it comes to the service length. For example, LiveWatch Security has a contract that you can cancel anytime, and other companies like SimpliSafe let you pay month-to-month. Central Security Group, however, has an “out-clause” that lets you get out of the contract if you pay a fee. Some consumers report being asked to pay $350+ to get out of their contract. Though the fee is hefty, this method will likely get you out of the contract.


2. Transfer your contract to someone else.

If you find that the exit fee is too much, try transferring the contract to someone who is interested. For example, if you’re moving out of your house and still have some months left on your contract, you can get the new homeowners or renters to take over the remainder of the contract. This will save you money on paying a penalty and also give your buyers the added bonus of an already set up security system.

Canceling your Central Security Group Contract

If you want to cancel your Central Security Group contract, remember to implement these two steps:

  • Use your contract’s out clause, but be prepared to pay a fee to break loose from the terms.
  • Get another person to take over your contract to avoid the termination fee.

It’s always important to do your research about any service before you sign a contract. Search reviews on reputable sites like to get real customer experiences. You’ll often get exclusive information about how difficult or easy it is to terminate a contract.


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