Just about every security company wants a homeowner to sign a contract — and that makes sense. With monitored home security, the homeowner is requesting the monitoring and the company is providing it, so the homeowner pays them for that service every month. It’s just like any other bill for services, such as electricity, water, etc. But a monitoring company also generally wants the homeowner to be under contract, and some of those contracts can be for years at a time. That’s not always a good choice, though. Sometimes circumstances change, and homeowners need to cancel their contract with the company. With Crime Prevention Security Systems, the proper procedure needs to be followed in order to cancel the contract efficiently.


Be Prepared When Canceling a Security Contract

When canceling a contract with Crime Prevention Security Systems, it’s important to be prepared. It’s not realistic to expect the company to happily just cancel something they’re making money on.

Companies will usually try to talk the customer into staying. After that doesn’t work, they may remind the customer of the fees and charges they’ll incur if they insist on canceling.

But a homeowner who really wants to cancel should call the company and stand firm. They will be told exactly what they need to do in order to have their contract canceled, and then following that procedure will be very important. That way the contract will be canceled the right way, when the homeowner wants and needs it to be, instead of dragging out for more months of monitoring that the homeowner doesn’t want to pay for. In some cases they may be moving out of the service area, and in other instances the service may just not be what they want or expect for the price.

A Proper Follow Up May Be Needed

Following up is good for several reasons. Among those are:

  • an assurance that the contract is canceled
  • the opportunity to talk to a representative
  • the chance to find out the total for fees and charges
  • the ability to clear up any problems or issues

Not every homeowner will want to follow up with Crime Prevention Security Systems when they cancel their contract. They may feel that the cancellation is enough, and that they don’t need to do anything further. That should be the case, but it’s not always the way it works. Sometimes following up is required to be successful in canceling the contract.


A New Company May Be the Right Choice

Once the Crime Prevention Security Systems contract has been canceled, the homeowner may want to find another security company that will meet their needs and that they feel better about. They will want to do their research, so they can get the right company at the right price. By doing that they have the opportunity to choose a monitored security provider who truly meets their needs.

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