Having an alarm system contract can make a homeowner feel safe, because they know they have someone looking out for them. The 24/7 monitoring they receive, along with all the perks and benefits they get from a contract for quality equipment through a trusted company, can really help provide them with peace of mind. But that’s not the only thing to consider — and not everyone has that warm, fuzzy feeling about their alarm company. In some cases a homeowner may want to cancel their alarm contract, largely because they don’t feel good about how much they are spending or they want to switch companies. Here’s how to cancel your Custom Alarm contract.


Custom Alarm Requires a Cancellation

Like every alarm or home security company that requires a contract, Custom Alarm will expect a homeowner to properly cancel if they want out of that contract. Just stopping their payments for the service or returning the equipment isn’t going to be enough. And like many other alarm companies, Custom Alarm doesn’t make it convenient to cancel. It’s not an entirely transparent process, even though most consumers would like it a lot better if it was. Instead, it’s hard to find out just exactly how to cancel the Custom Alarm contract. There is fine print about cancellation and fees in that contract, and customers can also call or email the company for instructions. An early termination fee will likely apply if the contract hasn’t been fulfilled yet.

Alarm Companies Don’t Always Make It Easy

While people may be frustrated with Custom Alarm for burying its cancellation instructions, this is really nothing new. Many — if not most — alarm companies do that, because they want to reduce the number of people who cancel. They do this by:

  • Hiding the cancellation instructions in the fine print
  • Forcing customers to call or email (and hoping they’ll forget)
  • "Accidentally" not processing the cancellation properly
  • Causing delays to charge customers for another month
  • Charging high fees for cancellation, hoping that will deter people

Not all alarm companies do things at this level, but there are definitely homeowners who have struggled to get their alarm contract canceled. It’s one of the biggest complaints for just about every alarm company in existence. Until practices change, it’s going to stay a big complaint, because people just want to be able to cancel their contract and move on if they’re not happy with the company or the service they’re getting.

Should a Homeowner Switch To a Different Company?

Switching to a different company can help with contract cancellation issues in the future. It won’t address any problems the homeowner has with Custom Alarm or another company they are currently contracted with, but it can help them avoid the same kinds of issues next time.

It’s best to work with an alarm company that is transparent about what they offer and what they expect, to make cancellation easy and add to peace of mind.

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