It can give a homeowner a lot of peace of mind to have a security system, but when they decide they want to cancel that system or switch to a different company, getting out of their current contract can become a big source of frustration. A lot of security companies make it difficult to cancel contracts with them. Whether they hope the customer will give up and keep the contract, or whether there are other reasons, it’s hard to say. But no matter what the reason, customers want to just be able to cancel the contract if they need to, instead of fighting to do that — and they shouldn’t have to struggle to make a change to their security services.


Being a Customer of Custom Security Systems

Custom Security Systems and other companies like it provide alarm and monitoring services to a number of people in their coverage area.

Security systems are generally focused on two things: they provide equipment to protect a home, and they provide a monitoring service to alert them if there’s a break-in, fire, or other issue.

Having a monitored system provides much more security than a non-monitored option, but that monitoring comes with a contract, too. When the contract needs to be canceled, there are specific procedures a Custom Security Systems customer has to follow. Since these processes aren’t completely intuitive, it’s best to just call the company and ask them what steps to take to get the contract canceled. Then follow that procedure in order to be free of the contract with the company.

Making Sure the Contract is Really Canceled

Once the contract is canceled, it’s important to follow up and make sure the contract is actually canceled. There should be a confirmation number, and information on when the contract will officially end. Keep in mind that there may also be a cancellation fee due to ending the contract early. That fee is generally something people expect, but they don’t expect some of the difficulties that can come with getting a contract canceled and being free of it. By checking up on the cancellation itself, customers can feel more secure and know that the issue has been taken care of. That can also provide homeowners with some additional peace of mind.


Maybe It’s Time for A Different Company

Once the Custom Security Systems contract has been canceled, it may be time for a different company to handle a homeowner’s security needs. With a security company, customers usually look for:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • good customer service
  • quality equipment
  • easy installation
  • fast response times

While the majority of companies do offer all of those things, how they go about it and how much they charge for their services generally varies. By researching different companies, a homeowner can find the right security system and monitoring company for their needs.

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