Doyle Security Systems has been providing quality home security equipment, installation, service, and monitoring for the Albany/Rochester, New York area for the past 100 years.  However, as with even the best companies, there may come a time that you will want to discontinue your home security contract.  Although it can be hard to find out how to do this on Doyle’s own website, we’ve provided a quick how-to to help you achieve your goals to cancel your Doyle Security contract quickly and without frustration.


Check Your Contract

First, you will want to check the status of your current Doyle Security contract.  For new customers, there is a standard 3-year contract that you sign along with your monthly monitoring fee. If you have been with Doyle for more than 3-years, you are likely on an annual renewal. Besides you contract, collect some basic information to provide their customer service center when you call including:

  • Your account number
  • The final date that you require service
  • Final contact information so they can send you the last bill

Make the Call and Write the Letter

You will want to place a call to their customer support line at 1-866-GO-DOYLE (463-6953) and write a letter stating your desire to cancel the contract. If possible, make the request 60 days before the final date of service you desire. Even if one form of contact is lost in the office shuffle, they will receive the other.

What You Should Expect

If you are still in your initial 3-year contract, you will be expected to pay 75% of the remaining cost of the contract.  This is because when you signed up they installed all your equipment for a very low price.  You are still paying off the cost of the equipment. Otherwise, with a two-month notice, you should expect to simply pay for the remaining months of service you will use.


Moving Out of the Area? Ask About Transferring the Account

Doyle Security does only service Upstate New York, so if you are moving out of the state, you need to start looking at another security company that offers coverage across the country, like Protect America. If you are selling your house, it is possible that the new homeowners may want to retain your security system and will be happy to take over your contract.  When calling Doyle, ask them if it is possible to transfer the remaining contract and what information they need to accomplish this task.

Enjoy Seamless Service with a National Security Company

For your future security needs, you may wish to sign up with a company that is able to move with you throughout your career. Protect America offers the convenience of do-it-yourself installation with their wireless equipment and the ability to take your monitored security system with you, no matter where you might live.  Don’t hesitate to give them a call and move forward with a home security system that will be able to change with the times and protect your family in one convenient package.