With a company like EPS Security, contract cancellation will eventually come up for some homeowners. Whether they’ve only had the service for a short while and decide it’s not for them, or they’ve had the service for years and now want to switch, canceling a contract shouldn’t be difficult. There may be fees and charges to consider, though, depending on how long the homeowner has had the contract and whether they have completed their initial term. If they have, they may be able to just cancel — but if they haven’t they could be facing a lot of fees to get out of that contract. Following the right procedures is always the best way to cancel, though, to complete things efficiently.


Contract Cancellation Should Be Taken Seriously

When canceling a contract with EPS Security, customers should take that as seriously as they did when signing up. It may cost them money to cancel, especially if they haven’t had the service for the entire first contract period, or if the contract has been auto-renewed and they are "locked in" for a particular period of time. That’s important to consider when signing up, but it’s something a lot of homeowners don’t think about.

Taking contract cancellation seriously is a good way to help ensure that the process is handled properly, and that can give homeowners a higher level of peace of mind about their choice to cancel.

By taking it seriously, a customer should contact the company and work with them on the proper way to make that cancellation. Then they can understand the procedure and follow it, to make things easier and more efficient.

Reaching Out To the Company is Important

Canceling involves reaching out to the company, both to begin the process and also to follow up — and a customer may need to follow up more than once. The more they do from a proactive standpoint, the better off they will generally be when it comes to getting their contract canceled. Things can slip through the cracks at a big company, and get overlooked. There can also be minor issues that stop a cancellation from being processed, and the more a customer pays attention the more easily they can catch that kind of problem.


Why Choose Another Security Provider?

After a cancellation with one company, a customer may want to choose a different company for their monitored home security needs. By doing that they can find a company they feel better about, and one that they can trust. They should look for 24/7 monitoring and good quality equipment, along with:

  • reliable protection
  • ease of installation
  • fast response times
  • good customer service

When a monitoring company has those things and is focused on what it can offer to the customer, it can be the right choice. It’s very important for a homeowner to trust the company that’s monitoring their home, to give them a strong level of peace of mind.

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