Monitoring company FE Moran Security is one of the choices people have when they want to have their home protected. But there are also other options. For those who choose this company and then decide later that it’s not right for them, canceling their contract may not be as easy as they would hope. Many security companies make it difficult to cancel contracts — and that’s a big source of frustration for any homeowner who is in one of these contracts and then has to figure out how to get out. Contract cancellation can be done, though, and it has to be done the right way so a homeowner doesn’t end up paying too much.


Contract Cancellation Procedures Are Very Important

It’s vital that a homeowner who wants to cancel their contract with FE Moran Security understand how important the proper cancellation procedures are. It’s not realistic for a customer of this company to simply decide they want to cancel, and send a note or an email.

Calling the company is the very best choice, because cancellation procedures can and do change. By calling and speaking directly to a representative, it’s possible for a homeowner to get the right information the first time.

Then they can follow the procedures they are told about in that phone call, and that can get their contract canceled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Without that efficiency, a contract cancellation could drag on for weeks or months. And that’s going to cost a homeowner a lot more money and upset them in a way that could keep them from ever returning to that company.

Following Up After Cancellation Matters

After a cancellation has been handled, most customers think that things are done. But often they really aren’t. There can be contracts that slip through the cracks, or something a customer didn’t do in the cancellation process that will cause the contract to continue. There are ways to stop that from happening or catch it quickly, such as following up with the company to make sure the contract has actually been canceled the way it should have been. If there’s a problem it can be caught quickly, which is a great way to help ensure that money isn’t going out for no reason.


What To Know When Choosing Monitored Home Security

When a homeowner is choosing a monitored home security system, they want to get a good value and everything they need to feel safe. This can include:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • high quality equipment
  • good customer service
  • reliable protection
  • fast response times
  • ease of installation

With all of those things being the basics that a customer expects, it’s important for security companies to go above and beyond to provide even more than a customer would be looking for. Great features like smartphone apps and other technological advances can bring in customers and keep them from canceling because of a higher level of value.

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