There are many different options for security monitoring companies, but they aren’t all the same. Unfortunately, they can seem the same or similar simply because they all have complaints about specific areas of their operations. In many cases, homeowners are bothered by companies that don’t allow them to cancel their contracts easily. They understand that they might need to pay a fee if they cancel early, but even if they do that they still want to be able to cancel without hassle or problems — and if you need to cancel your Fleenor Security contract you want to be able to do it simply and efficiently.


What Does Fleenor Security Offer?

Fleenor Security is a company that offers a lot of different options. It’s important that these options are valuable for the homeowner. If they are not useful, there is no point in having them. But the company has focused on the things that homeowners need and want the most, including:

  • Video detection
  • Central vacuum system
  • Home audio
  • Fire detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Structured wiring
  • Intercom and telephone

While this company seems to give a lot, it also requires homeowners to enter into a contract with Fleenor for monitoring services. The price of the service and the equipment depends on what the consumer needs, and how much they want from the company. Additionally, the company doesn’t provide much information about the technology it uses, so consumers aren’t sure what they’re getting without calling the company.

Follow the Contract Canceling Procedure

To cancel a contract with Fleenor, calling the company is the best option. That’s because Fleenor doesn’t spell out how to cancel. Customers can’t just go to the website and see what they need to do, or how much it might cost them. The cancellation information could be buried in the fine print in the actual contract, but it’s not going to be something that consumers can just find online and handle easily. Once phone contact has been made, the homeowner will need to pay careful attention to what Fleenor says about contract cancellation — and be sure to follow the steps properly. Following up is also vital, to ensure proper cancellation of the contract.


Choosing a New Security Monitoring Company

After canceling their Fleenor Security contract, many homeowners may want to purchase a system and monitoring from another company. To do that, they want to choose a company they can trust and feel good about.

Having a reliable home security company is important when it comes to someone feeling comfortable and safe in their own home.

With the right security company, it’s much easier to feel good about paying for protection each month. Before choosing a company consider what monitoring it offers, but also consider how much it costs and how easy (or not) it is to cancel the contract.

For anyone interested in monitored home security there are options. Ready to find out how to make it easy and affordable? Get a free quote from Protect America today and get started with peace of mind.