It’s important to get a security company that a homeowner can trust, and that will charge a price that is fair for their services. When a homeowner chooses a monitored home security company they understand the service is something they have to pay for. But they also should be told about contract cancellation issues, because some companies make it very difficult to cancel your contract. One of the companies a lot of homeowners consider is Gillmore Security. Because of its popularity many people sign up — but what happens when they want to cancel. A homeowner could end up being asked to do more (and pay more) than they would have expected to, once cancellation fees and other issues are included.


What Gillmore Security Offers To Homeowners

Gillmore Security makes claims that they provide security for both businesses and homes. Among their services are:

  • Fire alarms
  • Digital video
  • New construction protection
  • Access control
  • Security system monitoring
  • Service transfers

That sounds good, but what happens when a homeowner wants to cancel those services? Gillmore seems to offer reliability and fair pricing, but homeowners today want more than that — including less hassle when they decide to cancel their service.

Following Gillmore Security Procedures

Gillmore costs between $35 and $45 per month, and that may be too expensive for some homeowners. If they want to cancel, though, they need to call the company and make sure they’re clear on the procedure. Otherwise, they may find that they’re struggling to get things canceled before they get charged more money. That can be very frustrating, and the chief compliant online for Gillmore is difficulty with contract cancellation. For a consumer who is well-prepared, though, cancellation isn’t as difficult. That’s because it’s important to do research on the contract that was signed, and to contact the company to get questions answered. Then, following the procedures means getting the contract cancelled appropriately.


Choosing the Best Security Company

The right security company for any homeowner is one that offers a good price and good value. Companies that want to be successful in the marketplace need to keep that in mind, along with ensuring that customer service is at the forefront of everything they do.

A homeowner who wants an alarm system must do research on the company they are choosing, to help give them peace of mind and ensure that they are able to work with the company on issues like cancellation, and if any problems should arise.

Not every company is the same, and there are many good alarm companies that are serious about treating their customers well. Gillmore may be one of these companies, but be aware of the problems other homeowners have faced with contract cancellation. That can help a homeowner be knowledgeable and prepared, so they can cancel their contract efficiently and effectively if they choose to move on to another company.

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