Having a security contract with LiveWatch can give a homeowner peace of mind, but when they want to cancel that contract they may find that it’s not as easy as they were expecting. That can lead to frustration and aggravation, and can also cause financial problems if the contract is being canceled because money is tight. In addition, large cancellation fees may be required depending on the length of time the contract has been in force. But for homeowners who are determined to cancel their home security contract, it can certainly be done — they just have to follow the right steps and procedures to get the contract canceled the right way.


Following LiveWatch’s Requirements is Very Important

Like most security companies, the chief complaint about LiveWatch in internet reviews is the difficulty with getting a contract canceled. Because of that, it’s important for a homeowner who wants to cancel their contract to be prepared and do their research.

Reading the fine print about cancellation in the contract can help, as can calling or emailing the company for specific instructions.

Unfortunately, there’s no "cancel" button on the website that can make it easy for a LiveWatch customer to end their contract and move on to another company. Calling customer service is often the way to go, because it allows a homeowner to speak directly with a representative of the company and find out exactly what they need to do to cancel.

Be Sure to Follow Up With the Company

Following up is one of the most important ways to be sure a contract with LiveWatch has actually been canceled. People make mistakes, things fall through the cracks, and sometimes company representatives just don’t do what they’re supposed to. Because of that, it’s possible for a homeowner to end up struggling and frustrated when trying to get a contract canceled. It’s also possible for that homeowner to assume the contract was canceled, only to find out later that it wasn’t and they are still being billed. Because that can be a big issue, following up can provide the peace of mind and the closure of the issue that a LiveWatch customer is looking for.


Ready to Choose Another Security Option?

Once LiveWatch is canceled, it’s important for the homeowner to find another security company they can work with and feel good about. To do that, they should consider:

  • the price of the equipment
  • 24/7 monitoring and its cost
  • the type of installation required
  • the length of the contract — and how to cancel it
  • reliability of the service and response times

There may be other factors, too, since not every homeowner has the same situation or needs. But for anyone who wants to cancel their home security contract and switch to a different company, being persistent is the key. There are definitely other options available.

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