When a homeowner has a contract for home security, they can’t just stop paying or decide they don’t want it anymore. Instead, they have to follow the proper channels in order to make sure they get things canceled the right way. If they don’t follow the guidelines the company has for cancellation, they may find that they are still paying monthly fees or other costs long after they wanted to be. Rather than take that risk with Moni, it’s vital to learn how to cancel the security company’s contract if needed.


Following the Proper Procedure

Moni has a standard procedure its clients need to follow when they want to cancel their security monitoring contract. This involves calling the 1-800 number provided to all Moni users. Then the company will send DocuSign cancellation paperwork to the client’s email address. These will include:

  • the 30 day cancellation process,
  • what the final bill will be like, and
  • whether there will be early termination charges.

Clients can expect to receive emailed documents within 48 to 72 hours. If these documents don’t arrive, it may be necessary to call again and ensure that they are sent. Clients should stay on top of the issue and make sure the company sends the required cancellation documents. The link to sign the cancellation documents and send them back is only good for seven days. After that it expires and can’t be used, so clients should use the link and sign the documents promptly.

Make Sure To Keep Records

It’s important that homeowners keep records of any correspondence they have with Moni customer service. That can help them get their questions answered, and can also help them make their case if documents aren’t sent properly or there is any other issue with getting their service canceled. While cancellations should go smoothly, there is always the chance that someone could make a mistake. If that happens, the more records the client has kept the easier it will be to address the issue and get it handled to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Moving To a New Security Company

Once Moni has been canceled, a homeowner may want to move to a new security company. Doing that can provide not only peace of mind, but a better price and more comfortable terms — all of which are important when it comes to protecting a home and family.

Choosing a security company doesn’t have to be difficult, and when the right one is chosen the homeowner can enjoy the value that comes with a higher level of security.


Make sure to ask plenty of questions of any security company that is chosen. After canceling with Moni, a homeowner doesn’t want to have to go through the same thing with other security companies, too. Finding the right one will keep that from happening, and help any homeowner become a satisfied, long-term client of their new monitoring company.

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