Homeowners look to their home security service providers for a sense of overall well-being in our modern world that can sometimes seem somewhat unsafe. There are many home security companies that can provide strategic defense options that keep intruders away a resident’s property and, if they do gain entry, it does not go undetected. 

Per Mar Security is family owned and operated home security provider that launched in 1953 in Davenport, Iowa, to help keep that community safe. The company serves thousands of customers in the Davenport and the general Midwest area, with locations in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Indiana.


What Services Does Per Mar Security Provide?

Per Mar Security offers three tiered plans:

    Smart Security System

    Enhanced Smart Security System

    Ultimate Smart Security

While each service package adds to its basic services, none skimp on the protection of homes. The company particularly values the 24/7 home alarm monitoring feature and makes sure it is included with each package. 

Security System Reviews sums up the reason homeowners need 24/7 monitoring with the following: 

The former is the most widely used and popular. A monitored security system is one that is being “watched” by a Central Station. A non-monitored system is one you basically “watch” yourself.

Many home securities agree with this philosophy and make it the core of their operations. 

What Do Customers Say About Per Mar Security?

The customer reviews seem to be fairly unanimous in that they feel that the company provides overall good customer service on everyday questions. The most frequently stated issue that customers have, along with Best Home Security Companys, is that Per Mar does not provide optimal transparency for customers. The company does not offer a web page that gives a general price breakdown for each package, and installation costs are all undisclosed. The company also fails to include easily accessible details on common issues like cancellation, moving options and contract length.

Why Might Customers Need to Cancel a Per Mar Security Contract?

There are many reasons that a home security may want or need to cancel their contract, and not all of them are negative.

    The homeowner and family are moving to an area not covered by Per Mar Security

    The resident has found a service that better meets their needs at a cost that better fits their budget

    The customer has become dissatisfied with some aspect of service or price when doing business with Per Mar


How to Cancel Your Per Mar Security Contract

Since the company does lack transparency on the matter of contract cancellation, you will likely need to directly contact them to discuss your cancellation options at 800-473-7627. Such a tactic is often used to try to persuade you to keep your contract, so beware and prepared. 

Reach Out to a Home Security Company That Offers Full Transparency

You want to find a confident home security company that lays out your contract and cancellation options before you even make contact. At Protect America, we offer you all the information you need, when you need it. Contact us to discuss our services, policies and to request a free quote