Sometimes it becomes necessary to cancel your alarm system contract. Maybe you’re moving, maybe you’ve got a better deal somewhere else, or maybe you’re just unhappy with your customer service. If you use Post Alarm, you may find this a little easier than other services.


How Can You Cancel Your Post Alarm Contract?

Post Alarm is one of the few security solutions that actually doesn’t have a contract to cancel. Rather than having a contract, Post Alarm asks you to purchase all of your equipment upfront. Because Post Alarm, like many other companies, has fairly standardized equipment, that means you may be able to move to a different company directly.

If you need to move, all you need to do is:

  • Notify Post Alarm that you are discontinuing your monitoring service. 
  • Pay off your last bill.
  • Disconnect your equipment. 

Is there normally a contract?

Normally, a provider is going to request that you cancel your contract before you move on to another service. Canceling your contract differs depending on whether the terms of your initial contract have expired. If they have, then you can simply leave the service. You may need to notify your service up to three months in advance before you end your billing, however, as they need time to discontinue your servicing.

If you’re still under contract, you may need to pay out the rest of the life of your contract or there may be a pro-rated penalty. This is where Post Alarm is beneficial because there are no such fees. However, Post Alarm still does require that you pay the equipment upfront, so in some ways, it’s simply like transferring this fee to the beginning in a non-avoidable cost. 


Should I Sign Up for Post Alarm?

Because Post Alarm doesn’t have a contract, it may be tempting to sign up for them. But this isn’t always an advantage. The cost of not having a contract means that you need to spend a lot of money on the equipment itself. This is equipment that, again, may not necessarily work with a different provider.

If you’re thinking about signing up for a service, going with one that doesn’t have a contract doesn’t necessarily make it more versatile. Even if you don’t have a contract, you still need to put up a large amount of cash upfront. If you need a service, contact Protect America today to find out more about your options.