Among the worries of people who have monitored security systems is how to cancel the alarm contract if they decide they no longer want it. While it should be an easy thing to do, quite often it’s not at all easy. Instead, it’s a source of frustration and aggravation for the homeowners and the alarm company. With that in mind, though, there are ways to cancel alarm contracts properly. Some companies are also easier than others to cancel with — and that’s important to consider when it comes to which company a homeowner will choose. Richmond Alarm is one of the companies many people look at when trying to find a monitored security company to meet their needs.


Is Richmond Alarm Hard To Cancel With?

Like most other alarm companies, Richmond Alarm doesn’t make their cancellation policies that public. It can be hard to find out the best way to cancel with the company, and when a homeowner can’t find the way to cancel their contract they start to get frustrated. The best way to reach the company is to call them, and tell them that cancellation is the focus of the conversation. They will likely have a particular department that the homeowner has to be transferred to. It’s important to be firm and direct in what needs to be done, and to stay on the line until the issue has been properly resolved.

Make Sure To Follow Up for Closure Purposes

Even after a customer has talked to Richmond Alarm and set up a cancellation, it’s important to continue to follow up. There are several reasons for this, including:

  • confirming that the company has actually canceled the contract
  • finding out the amount of the cancellation fee
  • getting the exact cancellation date
  • working with a professional to return any equipment

While not every customer of Richmond Alarm will have a hard time canceling their contract, some customers will find it more difficult. That’s unfortunate, but it is also the nature of monitored security systems. That’s why following up is so very important, because it helps ensure that a customer will get their contract canceled properly, so they are no longer charged for a service they don’t want. Of course, canceling a contract will also generally mean that a homeowner will have to pay a fee, so discussing that with the company is also important.


How Does Richmond Alarm Compare To Other Companies?

Richmond Alarm compares relatively favorably to other companies that provide monitored security services. However, not all companies make it so difficult to cancel their contracts. Some companies make it very easy to do so, and some companies make it even more difficult. There is a balance to be found, in most cases.

When it comes to canceling a contract with an alarm company, it’s important to be sure that the cancellation goes through properly.

That can often provide just as much peace of mind as the security system itself.

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