Do you have a Sabre keypad by your front door and want to upgrade your security system? If you are worried about figuring out how to cancel your monitoring contract, good news! You don’t have a contract and are free to rip out the old equipment and install the latest in wireless home security technology.

Sabre is a DIY Home Security System

While all the door sensors, cameras, signs, and control panels on your Sabre system might look just like your neighbor’s with the familiar home monitoring sticker on it, your system will only notify you if a sensor or alarm is triggered.  It doesn’t send a signal to a monitoring center, call the police, or do much else besides make some noise. Whoever purchased it installed it themselves.  So if you are unhappy with it, go right ahead! Rip it out and throw it in the trash.


Monitored Systems Provide More Reliable Protection

It can be very tempting to hang a fake camera by your front door and it’s fun to have your Sabre home security system connected to your cell phone, but it really isn’t doing much beyond looking good. A vandal looking for a quick smash and grab might be willing to look beyond the sign on the front lawn, brave a noisy alarm, and break your window and steel the big screen TV. Meanwhile, the cell phone you put on silent during that important meeting at work is trying to tell you something is wrong at home.  Nobody will know a thing is wrong until you get home.

A monitored home security system is like leaving a pair of eyes on your house when you can’t. 

  • Professionals are paying attention to your system 24/7–even when you are asleep
  • Your system calls for help immediately
  • The police are notified of a break-in and can respond when you are tied up with other responsibilities

Protect America Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Okay, so now that you know you want a UL-listed monitoring center protecting your home 365 days a year, you still might not want a technician coming out to install a new system.  Protect America offers you the convenience of an install-it-yourself security system but also backs up your equipment with professional monitoring and support.  You can still receive notifications on your cell phone, but the police have also been called and are on their way.


Connect to Alexa or Google Home

Maybe you think that you have to call out those overpriced people with the pushy salespeople because you want to integrate the new system with your home automation. Not true! You can order the latest in wireless home alarms that integrate seamlessly with Alexa from Protect America. Their app will walk you through all the setup procedures and you will be up and running in no time at all.

There is no question about it, your Sabre Home Security System can be a distant memory in very short order and you will have complete professional coverage for a lower price than you might expect.