Canceling a home security contract is often difficult and frustrating, making homeowners aggravated and irritated. It shouldn’t be like that, but far too often there are companies that have long contract periods and far too little information about how to cancel if a customer isn’t happy with the service. Some of these contracts have grace periods where a customer can cancel without penalty, but these periods are typically short. After that period is over there will be a fee to cancel — and some of these contracts can be as long as five years. That’s a long time to be required to pay a fee if a homeowner decides the service isn’t for them.


What Type of Cancellation Procedure Does Scarsdale Security Have?

Scarsdale Security, like many other home security companies, isn’t very transparent with its cancellation policy. By mostly burying that information, it can be difficult for customers to find it. Perhaps the hope is that the customer will give up and just keep the contract. But generally customers just get upset. They may actually be more determined to cancel if the company deliberately makes it complicated. The best way to find out how to cancel a Scarsdale Security contract is to call the company and specifically ask them the procedure. Then make sure it’s carefully followed, so there’s no reason for the company to avoid the cancellation.

Following Up With the Company is Important

In order for a homeowner to have true peace of mind that their contract will really be canceled, following up is important. That can indicate that the company will actually do what it says it will do, including:

  • canceling the contract on the required date
  • charging a fair cancellation fee
  • not drawing out the homeowner’s request
  • avoiding letting the request get "lost in the shuffle"

A lot of homeowners may feel that all they have to do is let the company know they want to cancel, and that’s it. Ideally that would be all that would be necessary.

Since so many security companies have a reputation for not canceling contracts when they should, and some of them make their cancellations very difficult, following up is a good idea.

By doing that, customers can have more peace of mind.


Are There Other Company Choices To Better Serve Homeowners?

Scarsdale Security isn’t the only company that homeowners use to get their security needs met. There are a number of other companies that can provide monitored security for the home. These companies are a mix of local and national options, and all are focused on making sure homeowners have peace of mind and can feel secure and safe in their homes. With that in mind, homeowners should focus on choosing a company they really can trust to monitor their home. Then they will worry less about security for themselves and their families, and they will also be able to reduce the chances of not being notified if there is a problem at their home.

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